Conventus — Embracing Democracy

Latin — conventus (m) meaning: convened, assembled, having been convened.

What is Conventus?

Conventus is a new platform dedicated to networking with people from across the political spectrum via social media. It aspires to participate in the discussion and the debate of current concerns in UK politics. As Conventus progresses, the goal is many contributors with differing opinions will be active.

What does Conventus stand for?

Conventus has emerged with democracy in mind. Its purpose is to communicate with people, but there are key issues that need addressing:

  • The broken First-Past-The-Post voting system, that produces wasted votes and encourages tactical voting.
  • Votes at 16; we once denied women the freedom to vote. Let’s not do that to young people who already can pay tax, join the military, and receive tax credits/welfare benefits
  • Brexit is the greatest issue in UK politics at this time, and Conventus aims to provide clarity on parliament’s decision-making and encourage a second referendum on the final deal.

Who does Conventus stand for?

Everyone. Although Conventus focuses on UK politics, we welcome ideas from everywhere, across the political range and regardless of political affiliation (or lack thereof).

However, it is evident many people remain apathetic to politics. We’ll target disillusioned groups and those who participate with Conventus on social media.

How do I get involved?

While Conventus gains a following, there will simply be social media action. You can keep up with us on Twitter and engage with us. Alongside political commentary, we will engage with our followers and beyond!

Conventus is one individual at this stage but if you wish to become further involved with the operations of this project, then direct message @Conventus_UK on Twitter. We’re on the lookout for social media experts, writers, journalists, editors, campaigners and more!

Conventus Team