ConvergeIO joins ClusterHQ storage partner network

Today, I’m excited to announce that ConvergeIO has joined the ClusterHQ storage partner network, enabling CIO to work as the storage backend for Flocker, the leading container data volume manager. Flocker gives operations team the tools they need to manage stateful microservices built using Docker containers. When using containers natively, a container’s data does not move with it when the container moves to a new server.

Used by itself or alongside tools like the Docker Engine, Docker Swarm or Apache Mesos, Flocker enables containers and data to move together between hosts in a cluster, an operational requirement for running stateful services like databases in containers.

ConvergeIO’s support of Flocker is a big deal because it makes it really easy to build a new generation of stateful services using Docker containers. The CIO software uses a ‘virtual SAN’ approach that eliminates physical data copying when a data volume is moved with its container. The benefits are tremendous as this unique capability means that the Flocker orchestratedmovement of container and data volume happens ‘instantaneously’. Compared to traditional methods, the significant use of network I/O to copy data and the attendant CPU resources to manage the transfer are greatly reduced. This in turn ensures that resources, which impact the performance of containerized apps, are not diverted for the data movement.

Unlike traditional approaches, ConvergeIO’s collaboration with ClusterHQ delivers a solution that fully automates the movement of the container and data volumes. Full automation eliminates many steps in the storage process from planning, provisioning to ongoing application adjustments in the environment. The result is enhanced operational agility and significantly reduced operational costs compared with traditional methods.

CIO for Volumes and Data Containers

ConvergeIO’s container centric solution delivers easy to use, data management for Docker volumes and data containers. Our persistent storage not only bypasses the overhead of the union file system, it also enables you to independently provision performance and data protection policies that match the requirements of the containerized app.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to use CIO storage as the backend of your containerized app

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