Everything Bad TV.

Now not every show can be a hit *coughsthegoodwife* show, so it’s expected that there will be some bad shows out there. I came up with a list of shows that are just so awful they become funny. In fact some of these shows are so bad I wonder how they got made and why they are still on. Here are a few of the Tv shows that we think need to be trashed.

1. Empire

Bukunmi: If I am being honest the only reason why I wanted to do this topic is because I need to vent on how awful Empire is. Empire is probably one of the worst shows on tv right now, and it’s so disappointing because it has a good line up, and it has had great guest appearances. I mean Taraji is on it.

lowkey ever since I watched Acrimony I have started to judge her decision making skills. She keeps putting herself in movies that make me question not only her acting skills but her decision making skills as well.

Mariam: Empire is bad. It was good for the first three seasons though.

Bukunmi: I disagree. Go and watch it again. Storyline trash, plot trash, acting trash. The whole show is TRASH! The show has even become funny to me. I’m just mad because Taraji is an oscar nominated actress foggosake

Taking a moment to give props to Lee Daniels. He somehow gets A list actors to come on his show and disgrace themselves.

List of actors that should not be on Empire but somehow made it:

  1. Forrest whitaker
  2. Phylicia Rashād (Claire Huxtable) (so, so, so disappointed and surprised)
  3. Kelly Rowland (She did good. Hashtag no Kelly slander)
  4. Jenifer Hudson
  5. Chris rock (This was hilarious because he was meant to be a gangsta of some sort. This was when I knew the show was going down)
  6. Alicia freaking keys ( I have no comment on this)

Mariam: It’s on season five now. I think it has gotten better. The main cast are good. Sorry to say that precious babe is really not good. Taraji can do no wrong in my eye. I love her and love her.

Mariam made points on how the story line is evolving and it’s nice to see. Suffice to say I did not get her point and went on further to slander the show.

Bukunmi: The guy that plays Hakeem is the worst actor in this world. He needs an acting coach , drama school, acting double, something.

Cue the bad acting.
We also spoke about someone shooting themselves because of how bad their acting is but I won’t go into that because, it’s really not that Deep. We both came to the inevitable conclusion that Empire is a really terrible show but we will still watch it because sometimes life is hard and you need something to cheer you up

2. Star

No surprise here another Lee Daniel production. Starting to think this guy is actually the problem.

Bukunmi: I don’t know which show is worse ; Empire or Star. Trying to find it on rotten tomatoes but I doubt they even watch it. it’s 75% on rotten tomatoes (HOW SWAY!!!!) The only reason why I watch it is because of Ryan destiny and Diddy’s son.

Mariam: Yup. I accept the show is trash. Only watched it because of Lenny Kravitz and Queen Latifah

Bukunmi: The whole show is really bad. So many errors. I can’t even rate Queen Latifah again. it is well. They have bills to pay.

Concluded that Lee Daniels has jazz and that’s how he gets all these good actors to come on his show to put their years of talent and hard-work down the drain.

3. Riverdale

A disappointment, a let down.

Mariam: Riverdale is not supposed to be on air. The only reason I even watched it is cause we grew up with Archie, so I was like I will give this thing a chance. I could not even get past the first season.

Bukunmi : when it was first coming out I was so hyped. The first season was okay, and then the second season episode 1 was so ridiculous, they don’t have a story line. The dialogue is awful.

One star. Their attempt to make it scary is leading to the show’s downfall. We don’t know why these white people like it.
During our conversation Mariam mixed The good wife up with The Good witch and I almost lost it, so it occurred to me that, if a whole Mariam can mix these two shows up, many people can to. I am therefore going to call take five seconds to briefly distinguish the two
One of the best shows to ever grace our Tv screens
There’s no way to describe how awful this show is.

Mariam: The good witch, is on Nextflix and its horrible .

Bukunmi: I agree, I could not even finish the first episode. I am ashamed we even attempted this show. We shan’t speak of this again.

4. Patrick Melrose

Pretty sure there are far more worse shows than this but we both agreed because our friend hyped the show so much, and it was such a let down it deserved to be on our list.

P:S: We do not condone Benedict Cumberbatch slander.

Mariam: lol, this show was terrible.

Bukunmi: I agree. I watched three episodes because our dear friend would not stop talking about it . I did not get it.

Mariam: It was long for no reason and said friend has bad taste in movies. #isaidwhatisaid.

Dear friend we can’t trust your tv/movie suggestions again. You know who you are.

5. Every Netflix superhero show.

Bukunmi: Every Netflix hero movie is horrible. From Luke cage to Daredevil, to Jessica Jones. Spotlight particularly on Luke Cage because I know the guy from the good wife. His character was called Lemon Bishop, and he was so badass, so I just expected him to bring his brilliant performance from The good wife to Luke cage, but words cannot even begin to describe how dissappointing his acting and the show is.

This guy actually dabbed. Very sure this is the reason they cancelled the show. I rest my case.

The fandom behind these Superhero shows is something I will never get because these shows are horrible; Arrow, flash, Super- girl, and DC legends of Tomorrow.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions so feel free to leave a comment and explain why you think your fav should not be on this list, or if you think show should be on this list. Feel free not to comment if your fav is Empire, star or Riverdale; these three shows are not good and its not debatable.

Honourable mention

Hit the floor.

This show was awful the first time, and then it got cancelled but then BET picked it up , and made it worse.