How can NGOs become sustainable with Convert Carbon technology?

Many non-profit organizations, especially in low-income areas, can find it difficult to sustain themselves financially without relying on grants and donations from other organizations, people or companies. At the same time, many communities suffer from waste and littering problems without ways to properly finance the waste management needed. Be it to raise finances for an activity, or to maintain the administration of memberships, finding donors is a constant struggle for many nonprofits around the world.

At Convert Carbon, we are developing a way for non-profit organizations to support themselves financially by managing recycling activities. We want to make it rewarding to recycle no matter where in the world you are through our Convert Carbon platform.

The Convert Carbon platform is a blockchain-based system where manufacturers, recycling companies and end-users can come together to make it rewarding to move towards a more circular economy. Manufacturers can trace their materials and get them back once they have reached their end of life, recycling companies can trace the amount of materials they recycle and end users get rewarded financially for bringing used products into the recycling process.

This means that non-profits can team up with us to host recycling activities that bring revenue to the organization, simply by taking what would become waste and putting it back into the recycling system. Our idea to the NGOs is to become our adopters, highlight the importance of recycling and maybe even create recycling events together with us?

We would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this. How can we make it profitable for organizations to host recycling events?

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