If you need to talk, attend or present remotely, follow these tips to ensure everyone has a smooth experience.

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Whatever app you’re using, and whatever its features, these simple tips will ensure everyone can see and hear each other clearly.

Too long to read? Here’s a short checklist which you can copy and paste:

  1. Use a wired connection if possible; close other apps
  2. Speak one at a time; allow others to speak
  3. Mute yourself when you’re not speaking
  4. Turn off video if the call gets choppy
  5. If using slides, turn off all animation
  6. Do a test call in advance with…

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What if every report, plan or document you write could automatically look like it was professionally laid out?

By learning just one technique, you can make your documents look smart, on-brand and clear — and consequently be more communicative and persuasive — all without taking any extra time.

Below, I’m going to tell you the single most important thing you’ll ever read about how to use Microsoft Word. But first we need to mention two fundamental points, without which even the cleverest tricks are of no use.

First things first

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Checking your wrist while enduring yet another poorly-made PowerPoint? Don’t be that presenter! Make your audience sit up in their seats, by avoiding these cardinal misdeeds.

1. Details that require binoculars

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Recycled paper doesn’t have to look like a coffee cup.

Recycled paper usually costs more than new paper, and seems like an inferior product. But you don’t have to choose it just because it saves the planet. You can choose it because it gets great results.

Recycled paper isn’t perfectly white, and it has imperfections the keen eye can spot. With finishing options typically limited to none, colours can appear flatter and the item can wear more easily. What’s not to like?

Looking natural, not promotional

Everyone’s drowning in marketing material, so everyone knows how it looks: bright and glossy. Not flat and matte.

Saturated, shining colours are more likely to catch the eye…

Five practical guidelines to calm angry customers, keep things positive and avoid flame wars on brand social media pages.

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1. The customer is always right. But so are you.

It’s the golden rule of all customer interaction. If the customer has a concern, it’s valid – end of story. Never disagree with or diminish their issue.

Remember, it’s easy to do this by accident. Jumping in with explanations, your own version or interpretation, bringing up counter-opinions or the views of other customers, are all ways of essentially saying “you’re wrong”. Which you mustn’t ever say.

Bad ✗

We’re sorry you didn’t enjoy the cupcake. We’re surprised, because that’s one of…


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