Marketing is the Same as it’s Always Been, but Totally Different

ConvoLounge hosts a weekly live Q&A chat with some of the brightest marketers around the world. This week we had a live Q&A with marketing extraordinaire, Martin Shervinton, founder of Plus Your Business. The man sure knows his stuff AND he is funny. Made for a fun, lively chat.

Our topic of conversation was on building an online brand & presence and the future of marketing. When we started the chat with Martin he summed up the state of marketing for us: “The same as it’s always been, but totally different.”

Dissecting this further…

Marketing channels (billboards, radio, TV, Facebook Ads, AdWords, Magazines, etc.), communication tools (mail, phone, online, ConvoLounge, etc.) and messaging (SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack) will certainly change. Marketing always comes down to finding the most effective “ways to help people connect with you, your story, your products and services.”

So, what does that mean from a practical, tactical perspective?

Rather than taking the attitude of “we must use these top three social networks because that is what’s hot 🔥 right now,” take the approach of thinking about where your audience is and how to best connect with them wherever they are. For instance, local businesses can often do well by using offline methods (magazines, outbound calls, etc) in addition to using online methods like Adwords and Facebook social marketing.

If you are mostly targeting a younger demographic you may want to spend some time testing SnapChat as a marketing channel. If you are looking for more in-depth thought leadership, hosting a ConvoLounge chat of your own with your audience may work better.

When it comes to marketing, “what helps is this: connecting with the right people that care about what you are doing — on or offline (there is no difference in ‘my mind’ anymore.”

Most importantly, Martin said “whatever you do, do it well.” Which really means it is best to try many things until you find one or two that work well and then focus on those. No need to spread yourself too thin to try and hit every channel imaginable. Instead, focus on what works best for you and excel at it.

You can check out Martin’s Q&A session and insights here:

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Originally published at on February 17, 2016.

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