Roses and Purple Lemonade

Hold up did Beyoncé do it again? On April 23rd the world was sure it was getting a world premiere video from Mrs. Carter herself when instead what we got was an hour and five minute semi biographical opera depicting what many believe is a inside look into one of the most private relationships ever; riddled with infidelity, poetry, and black power screams. Following “ Lemonade: The visual album” we got “Lemonade: The album” and the world went crazy. Fitting that the loss of a musical icon 2 days prior, which left us speechless and grasping for closure was answered by possibly the next generations Prince/ Michael Jackson. But due to the cryptic messages left in the albums first four tracks we were made to believe that there was big trouble in the royal Carter Kingdom.

It’s no secret that the relationship between Jay-Z and Beyoncé is a million dollar marriage. From Jay-Z and his boyish yet assertive decree of his love for Beyoncé on Pharrell’s 2003 smash hit “Frontin” (Every time your name was brought up
I would act all nonchalant in front of an audience
Like if you was just another shorty I put the naughty on
But uh, truth be told you do me for a loop, this Hov
I’m too old to be frontin' when I’m feeling Denzel
And you acting like you ain’t appealing when you are
Stunting like you ain’t my only girl when you are (I was just frontin’)
I’m ready to stop when you are) to their secret marriage in April of 2008 it’s safe to say these two have become aside from Barack and Michelle Obama the most idolized couple in America. A power couple if you will, their secretive lifestyle is one to be envied by the ever popular front page marriages we see daily in Hollywood. The only reason we knew about Beyonce’s pregnancy was because of her 2011 VMA announcement. Til this day there’s still speculation of wether or not Beyonce even birthed Blue Ivy or if she used a serogate. Even the infamous elevator incident was swept under the rug rather quickly leaving us all to wonder why Solange attacked Jay-Z that night. So when we have actual music of Beyoncé referencing cheating of course we’d clamour to find some kind of truth. It’s our natural human nature to envy successful things and people, wishing it was us in that position. But let us not forget Beyoncé is an artist and artists sometimes use storylines to help push album sales. 2004’s “Confessions” arguably Ushers best album was what we thought was Usher admitting he cheated on then girlfriend Chili and fathered a child outside of the relationship, when in all actuality it was about Jermaine Dupri. But what’s upsetting is the bashing that has taken place by mostly african americans. For some reason the average black man hates Beyoncé. I’m not saying all but a good amount of them find any and every way to discredit her contributions to music, feminism, and women empowerment. As far back as her time with Destiny’s Child when she asked if “you could pay her bills” (Bills, Bills, Bills) to her claim to be an “Independent woman” to her “waking up like this” Beyoncé has always been for women standing up and being counted, and that has always been a problem for men. Now here we are again with Beyoncé telling women to be empowered and yet again we have the bashing. Countless Facebook and Twitter accounts saying how women worship Beyoncé and she’s getting men in trouble etc. And my question is this if Beyoncé (God forbid) dropped dead tomorrow how soon would the people of the world call her music great and say she was an amazing artist when so may people hate her musical talent while she’s living??

Some serious tears were shed after her pro black Panther Superbowl 50 halftime performance. White media saying she aided in violence on police, the Tampa police department saying they wouldn’t protect her when her tour comes to Tampa, even former mayor Rudy Giuliani saying the NFL should issue and apology. And we stood up for her, supported her and had her back so why when she makes a album telling women not to put up with men and infidelity we bash her? Why is it okay for artists like Future, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, etc to openly demonize our African American women calling them bitches, hoes, thots etc but a woman can’t stand up and say love yourselves you don’t need to depend on a man without getting bashed for it?

Which makes me think of the musical genius we lost last week. For years many thought Prince was gay and he didn’t make “black music”. And as soon as he died all of a sudden he was a great artist, he did so much for music, etc. This makes me think of Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson as well two other artists who during their time on earth the former was a crackhead and the later was a pedophile yet again as soon as they died oh how great they were.

We need to appreciate our legends while they are here. Black music has lost far too many legends long before their time and we need not to discredit the few we have left. As the saying goes “give them their flowers while they can smell them” and this has to apply to our musical artists as well. Because although the music never dies the artist does.

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