Ethopoeia — Impersonation or Personification is “an imitation of the ethos [character] of a person chosen to be portrayed.” (definition from

Writing a definition/ theory on hypertext using a real or fictional character isn’t the first option I would have chosen but hey, whatever works. (I could use Trump as an argumentative character but that would have been far too easy so the character I will be using for the argument is a creation of my own subconscious, and will not be given a name, or gender. …

(G — girl, and B — Boy, are walking through the toy section at a popular store in their town)

G: Why do they separate the boy toys from the girl toys? It’s annoying not to have the Barbies and the Legos in the same section so I wouldn’t have to walk as much.

B: It’s because Legos are boy toys and Barbies are girl toys. There are still Legos in your section.

G: Yeah, the girly ones that are all about playing house and running a flower stand. I need to add to my Star Wars collection. …

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The woods were always off-limits to the citizens living in the small town just outside the kingdom Athereal. Children were told horror stories by their parents about an evil witch that lives miles in the evergreen. The witch takes the appearance of a young girl with long, tangled brown hair and sad blue eyes that will make you feel pity for her.

The children were told if they tried to help the witch, they would be taken back to her home and tortured. …

That weird thing I’m doing with my fingers is a Korean symbol, meant to be similar to a heart. And the poster I am standing by is BTS, my favorite Kpop band.

My name is Hannah Cook and a quick peak inside my mind reveals I do not simply “like” things. I obsess. When I find something I am keenly interested in, I find it hard not to think about it during all hours of the day. For example, as described by the title, Korean music has been a passion of mine for years, along with reading and writing. When I am working on a new project, a new written works most likely, I find it hard not to plot out the entirety of the story in my head beforehand, making it difficult to focus on even the most minor of things.
Some say obsession is unhealthy. I laugh at the mere thought of it. …

My name is Hannah Cook. I am a Junior in the Mass Communications, now referred to as Integrated Media, department of BSU. I was born and raised in Minnesota, near the Canadian border. Although I am not technically Canadian, I am normally teased about it by my friends.

I have a YouTube channel: NamelessHannah

Don’t ask why I titled it that way I just did and I realize it’s slightly cringey but hey, I’m a cringey person. Feel free to check it out though I have not been active much since school started, I do plan to keep creating videos every so often. My taste in music, movies, books, etc. can be a bit strange to some but I am very open about my interests and I see no reason to hide them.

Winter winds shook her bones and blew dark wispy tendrils of frost-coated hair across her ruby cheeks. Ice blue eyes scanned the white tundra. Frozen gusts dragged fluffy clouds across the frozen lake, uncovering the glassy surface. Snow blanketed the trees only to be scattered with the bending force of winters wind. The trees crack and groan as they stretched their frozen limbs. Snowflakes brushed the girls’ nose softly as they floated, lightly kissing her cold skin.

The girl stared on. Past the barren planes of the lake, distant lonely islands hidden in a layer of thick mist beckoned to her. She itched to explore them, to see her reddening reflection in the ice caves hidden in the curvature of the rocks, to feel the wind bite her nose, sting her eyes, and bring with it, the warming sensation of winters kiss. …


Hannah Cook

Creative, unique, and a tad optimisitc! :) Not trying to impress, just enjoying life!

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