My 7 goals for 2018

Today is the first day of 2018 and like many I have set out my New Year’s resolutions/goals. I have created a list below showing all the goals I would like to achieve during this year.

1. Become fitter…the biggest cliché

At the beginning of 2017 I started my journey to becoming healthy and fit. During the year I set out a goal to lose 25 pounds and at the start of December 2017, I completed my goal (Yay). Now that we’re in 2018 I have decided to push myself further and lose 40 pounds this year which will be difficult to say the least, but I feel confident in reaching this goal. To ensure I keep on track I am hoping to write about my journey regularly at least once a month telling about all the progress I make, the problem I am facing, sharing tips and asking for advice as someone reading this will know far more than me.

One big tip that I have learnt recently that might help someone during their weight loss journey is if you’ve always been focused on cardio, like me you need to pay attention to lifting weights too. I spent a year just focusing purely on cardio because I thought that’s all you needed to worry about but after hitting a recent plateau during the whole of December, I’ve come to realise after reading a few articles you need to lift weights too. Lifting weights not only helps you grow muscle and reduce fat (if you’re doing cardio too) but it also helps define your body physique and that’s something my body 100% needs. As you can tell I am not an expert because most people know that already but hopefully throughout this year I aim to help those that have no clue just like me.

Although I have an important goal to lose weight, I do have smaller goals attached to the whole “become fitter” goal which I will breakdown and post in a future blog soon.

2. Save money…another cliché

Last year I made a big effort to save money because I am looking to buy a house within the next two years. Trying to do this at 23 and single isn’t easy, so I’ve had to be strict on my spending habits and understand how much I need to save each year. Some sacrifices had to be made like sometimes not being able to go out with friends and unable to go abroad for a sunny holiday but, in the long run it will all be worth it.

Throughout 2018 I will be saving as much as possible and hopefully towards the end of the year I will be able to share the progress I make.

3. Complete Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

Last year I applied to do a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing at The Digital Marketing Institute. In September 2017 I was accepted into my course which is starting early 2018. The Postgraduate Diploma is a 1-year qualification, but I hope to complete it in 9 months.

I recently completed and passed my Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing at The Digital Marketing Institute which was meant to take 6 months to complete but I passed it in 3 months.

I will update you all on how this goes during the next 9 months.

4. Start a blog

Starting a blog has been on my New Year’s list for the past 4/5 years and I’ve never actually done it for one big reason, I’m rubbish at writing! To give you some background, I am dyslexic and find it hard to write perfect English that’s Grammarly correct. Imagine knowing what you want to write but you’re unable to write it because your brain scrabbles the order of words whilst you read sentences…. Yeah, it’s a nightmare! I would love to go down the rabbit hole and discuss all the things I experience whilst having dyslexia but its more suited in another blog which I will make soon.

There are two main reasons why I wanted to start a blog. The first reason is to get better at writing and people say the best way to learn is by practising so why not, if people can tolerate the few/a lot of mistakes I make. The second reason I wanted to start a blog was to be able to look back on these memories as I get older.

Blogging is something every new to me and I am sure my blog posts will be littered with spelling mistakes and bad grammar practices, but I thought I must try to get better right?

5. Quit vaping

A little over a year ago I decided to stop smoking and picked up a vape and I haven’t had a cigarette since, I found the whole quitting process easy. Now I’ve stopped smoking for a year I want to try and quit the vape too.

Over the next couple of months, I will post regularly about quitting vaping and my experiences in doing so.

6. Read books

I have never really been into reading books because, being dyslexic, I found it difficult at times to read certain words or sentences, so I gave up. Currently I read maybe 1–2 books a year.

Reading more books goes hand in hand with number 4 in the list because I feel reading more will help me write more effectively. I am aiming to read 1 book a month and although that’s not a lot, its still a start. The books I read each month will vary so if you want to see what book I am reading I will probably put it on my Twitter.

7. Learn to build a website

Since starting out in Digital Marketing over many years ago I’ve always wanted to learn how to build a website. I have built a website using page builders and editing a little bit of code but that’s about it. I would love to fully understand, be able to create and edit CCS, JavaScript, My SQL, etc.

Although I would enjoy getting involved with this straight away I realise that I have a lot on already. This goal probably won’t start until I complete my Postgraduate Diploma but hopefully in September/October I can start to learn how to build a website and different coding.


Thanks to anyone that reads this as it has taken me around 4 hours to write this small blog. I hope as time goes on I will get better at writing and be able to produce these faster. If you see any grammar or spelling mistakes I would appreciate you leaving a comment, so I can understand how to improve.