Atlanta Culture Lab: Capturing Company Culture

Here at Cooleaf, we appreciate innovation and great workplaces. When we met the crew at Atlanta Culture Lab, we knew we found some good friends.

Atlanta Culture Labs seeks out organizations that are known for having a vibrant corporate culture. The story of the company and their people are told through a short video that Atlanta Culture Lab shoots onsite, at the company’s office.

The vision of Atlanta Culture Lab is dedicated to helping companies increase productivity by improving their employees’ lives. They promote workplace culture (people + place) as a way to drive productivity.

Our philosophy at Cooleaf, is that when people feel connected with others within their company, they feel part of a community and are more likely to stay with their company. This reduces turnover that can be a significant cost. Atlanta Culture Lab highlights how organizations are creating an environment that people want to be part of which in turn, helps the business achieve results.

Check out more highlights that are pushing the corporate culture envelop at the Atlanta Culture Lab’s website, Atlanta Culture Lab.

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