Cooleaf Customer Spotlight: Dekalb Medical

Dekalb Medical is more than just a hospital. Comprised of 3 campuses, and over 4,000 employees, it’s a complete health system.

With a tightening labor market in healthcare, hospitals like Dekalb, face unique and significant challenges around staff engagement, connection, and motivation.

Amanda Posey, Wellness Center Director, and Alecia Williams-Pierre, Director of Total Rewards and HRIS, have made it their mission to improve the internal culture of Dekalb.

“We partnered up with Cooleaf 2 years ago, in an effort to raise our employee engagement scores. We were committed to improving not only the scores but also overall employee wellness,” Says Posey.

Dekalb Medical’s Cooleaf Dashboard

In addition, to having all of their activities and trainings in one location, Dekalb employees have enjoyed earning points toward custom reward items and competing in real-time step challenges.

“Our employees are absolutely loving competing in step-challenges within Cooleaf! The real-time leader board promotes competitive chatter and everyone is walking more and getting in-shape,” Says Posey.

Posey and Williams-Pierre, agree that part of what makes their departments successful is the lack of red tape. Senior leadership offers transparency and seeks out the HR perspective when making major decisions.

“My favorite part about working in HR/Wellness at Dekalb, is that I can make an immediate impact. There aren’t layers and layers of decision makers. From senior leaders to lower level employees, everyone has access to us and we get immediate feedback about programs and initiatives we implement,” Says Williams-Pierre.

This year, Dekalb will be the first wellness center in Georgia to become MFA certified. This certification ensures that the facility provides a high level of quality and safety.

“Cooleaf has made a tremendous difference on how employees view Dekalb as an employer. Having all of our internal programs in one place for employees to view and join is moving the needle on engagement and allowing us to work together to achieve great things,” Says Posey.

The Result

Posey and Williams-Pierre track the success of their efforts with the Cooleaf engagement score, which, thanks to their hard work and dedication, has increased substantially in the past year.