Cooleaf Step Challenge FAQ’s

You’ve got questions about Cooleaf Step Challenges & we’ve got the answers.

How do I join a Cooleaf Step Challenge?

Once a step challenge is posted you will receive an email notification about it. You will then need to login to Cooleaf and join the challenge there. Select ‘join challenge’ and you will then be prompted to connect your Fitbit or Misfit device. Use your Fitbit or Misfit username and password to connect your device.

Once your device is connected, you need to click ‘join challenge’ once more. You should then see your name on the left-hand side of the newsfeed within the challenge, letting you know that you’re in!

Will I need to connect my device everytime I want to join a step challenge?

No. Once you do this for your first challenge, you won’t have to connect your device for a future challenge.

What devices can I use to participate in Cooleaf step challenges?

You may use your mobile phone, a Fitbit, or Misfit device. No other devices can be used for Cooleaf step challenges at this time.

How do I setup mobile tracking on my phone?

To setup mobile tracking on your phone, download the Fitbit app. Then, open it and turn on the mobile track setting. More info can be found here: Fitbit Mobile Tracking Help

How do I sync my steps so they will show in Cooleaf?

To sync your steps, you will need to open either your Fitbit or Misfit app and allow your steps to sync with your device. Once steps are showing within your Fitbit or Misfit app, it will take approximately 15 minutes to then show in the Cooleaf challenge leaderboard.

How often do I have to sync my steps?

Ideally, you’ll want to sync your steps every few hours while competing in a step challenge so your steps are current and visible to the other participants.

At the very least you need to sync your steps prior to midnight each day of the challenge.

What is the difference between a daily, weekly, or monthly step challenge within Cooleaf?

For a daily step challenge, users are awarded points at the end of each day when they reach the goal of that specific day. A reward email will automatically go out each day to participants once they’ve reach their step goal.

A weekly challenge means that participants are awarded points only once at the week’s end and only after achieving that weekly goal (*Note: steps do not have to be accumulated daily as long as the weekly goal is reached. You should sync steps daily but at the very least, you must sync the final day of the challenge prior to midnight.)

For a monthly challenge, participants are awarded points only once and only after they’ve reached the monthly goal. (*Note: steps do not have to be accumulated daily as long as the monthly goal is reached by the end of the challenge. You do not have to sync daily but you do have to sync the last day of the challenge prior to midnight.)

Why are my steps not showing up in Cooleaf?

If your steps are not showing on Cooleaf, you may need to sync your steps (see previous.) If your name is not on the left-hand side of the challenge newsfeed with all of the other participants then you are not actually in the challenge and this is why you are not seeing your steps.

You should also check to make sure your device is connected (see below instructions.)

I forgot to sync my steps, are they lost forever?

If you forgot to sync your steps for the previous day of a step challenge, email us at: and let us know. We are able to retrieve steps manually as long as you are connected properly.

How do I earn reward points for step challenges?

Points are automatically added to your Cooleaf account when you reach the daily, weekly, or monthly step goal. You will receive an email letting you know that you have received reward points and you will see them in the upper right-hand corner of the Cooleaf dashboard.

What can I get with my reward points?

To view your organization’s reward catalog, go to the drop down menu on the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard and choose ‘redeem reward points.’ You will see a variety of reward items to choose from.

Can I join a step challenge after it’s started?

No. You must join a step challenge prior to midnight the day the challenge begins.

How do I make sure my device is properly connected?

Go to the upper-right hand corner of the Cooleaf Dashboard ( next to your profile picture) there is a drop down menu. Choose from the drop down menu ‘edit profile’ and within your profile you will see that you should be connected to either Misfit or Fitbit.

Who can help me with an issue?

If you’re having any issues with participating in a Cooleaf Step Challenge, please email us at: and we’ll assist you right away.

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