When beauty and nutrition get together

Blogger: Paula M.

For the last couple of months most of the Miamians in Downtown Miami have a new attraction: the brand new Wholefoods. This construction opened its doors as a promising spot and ready for success. It’s funny the fact that the building where WF is standing it’s still under construction, but the low areas are already operating. The parking garage is beautiful! With all its graffiti spray painted columns and murals. Check it out:

Well, so once we enter the food premise, we still get amazed by all the perfectly placed selection of produce. Right behind the fruit and veggie section, we can actually see how the products turn into a nutrition and vitamin area, and in between them…there is an abundant beauty section! Holly cow! It’s every girl paradise. From face and body natural scrubs to non chemical make up, non animal tested soaps and oily essences. I like the fact that most of the product brands are made my doctors. Actually, there are even some products used by celebs such as Jessica Alba and J-Lo from the blocked.

With that said, I can only admire the perfect equilibrium that they get between the food and the care products, and how they beautifully exhibit them as the main important part of taking care of the body from the inside to the outside.

Finally, here are some of my humble recommendations on beauty products:

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