Wouldn’t buy a Porsche, though…but love Porsche Design!

I know one thing and I love it: the nice feeling of realizing that others think we are super cool. This often happens when someone, only this particular person, appreciates how amazing is the watch you’re wearing, the bag you’re carrying or understands your incredible secret outfit that you bought in a really cool place among a selection of limited editions…

Isn’t it cool?

Well, today I am going to share my last caprice: my brand new weekend bag of Porsche Design. It is targeted for men, but I don’t think it is fair for women. We deserve to be potentials for this buy.

A loyal companion that will accompany you on your secret trips, on your long corridors at the Airport (especially at the MIA, Goddamnit..!) and on your sleepovers at your significant others’.

This resistant bag is as spacious as your closet, enough to fit clothes and shoes for the weekend, your laptop and beauty products. It is this seasons’ bag, try it in-store and discover why Porsche made a collaboration with Adidas to produce this beautiful material piece of luggage.

That being said, I looooove Porsche Design products, but I would never buy the car unless it was redesigned. I am more a chick type for Aston Martin cars.

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