EU freezes halogen bulb ban

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An EU ban on wasteful halogen light bulbs has been frozen by two years following a vote in Brussels today.

The decision by the Ecodesign Regulatory Committee of member state representatives will wipe out €6.6 billion in energy savings and keep household energy bills high, according to environmental campaign Coolproducts. It is the first time the EU has rolled back a product-related efficiency law.

The long-agreed ban of all non-directional bulbs rated energy class C or lower has been moved from September 2016 to September 2018.

Coolproducts campaigner Stamatis Sivitos said:“Deadlines drive progress, but not if you move them. Industry watered-down the original law, then came back calling for more delays using old data and scare tactics on timid governments. Today’s decision lets them sell inefficient halogen bulbs for a few more years to boost profits at the expense of much higher lighting bills for the rest of us. This will strain Europe’s energy efficiency targets and keep us more dependent on energy imports from the likes of Russia. The good news is the super-efficient LED revolution is unstoppable. LEDs pay for themselves in under a year through energy savings and will keep shining for decades.

IKEA Lighting Manager Jeanette Skjelmose said:“By September 2015 we will switch our entire lighting range to LED which uses 85% less energy than incandescent, last for up to 20 years and offers fantastic light quality. Already, the popularity of our LED LEDARE light bulbs has proved beyond doubt that more sustainable products will always be attractive when our customers can see the obvious savings they can make from day one.”

The lighting industry claims the delay will save consumers money because they will buy LEDs when they are more efficient at a later date. But lighting experts CLASP calculated that it would take over 40 years to make up the lost savings from not switching from halogen to LEDs next year. Industry also claimed European jobs are at stake, but has invested massively in Chinese production while doing little to convert European factories.

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