Professional refrigeration — The first energy label for a strictly B2B product group

From 3 June 2016 (we’re migrating the best of our blog from

As of July 1st 2016, business owners can finally start enjoying the same energy-saving benefits of Ecodesign and energy labelling measures that consumers have for years. The measures will be applied to professional refrigerators, and the European Commission estimates it will save 6,3 TWh every year by 2020, and 15,6 TWh/year by 2030.

These food storage appliances, commonly found in bars and restaurants, large-scale food preparation areas and used in industrial processing, have a significant environmental impact. Their energy consumption usage in the EU was estimated to be around 116,5 TWh in 2012, equivalent to the electricity produced by 31 large sized coal power plants (500MW).

The label will help businesses purchasing professional storage cabinets optimise costs, and carry out more profitable and sustainable activities. This is urgently needed as the current market is primarily driven by purchase price, leaving businesses in the dark with regards to the significant savings they can make by purchasing energy-efficient products.

As a comparison, domestic fridges, which was the first product to be put under the Energy Labelling Directive, are 60% more efficient today than in 1992. This is just the first step for B2B products, and the energy saving potential these products have is enormous.