4th of July False Start

UGGGGGGGG. Only my 3rd post and I am already writing about failed workout attempts. In preparation for lots of Independence Day celebrating, I wanted to get a couple of good workouts in. I signed up for my usual Sunday morning Distance class at Mile High Run Club, as well as a 5K on Governors Island on the 4th. Neither happened. I slept right through my Sunday morning class, and somehow lost my bib for the Governors Island race (they had weird rules about having a bib to get on the ferry). As a punishment for this, I went for a late morning run on the 4th over the Williamsburg Bridge.

The Williamsburg Bridge is kind of the WORST. From Manhattan to Brooklyn, the bridge has a long and low incline that feels like it goes on forever. The reverse route starts with more of a short and steep incline. While you do get to enjoy the reciprocated downhill each direction…I still only remember how much I hate the uphill. Instead of the flat 5K earlier in the morning, I did about 5 miles with the Williamsburg Bridge in some very warm and humid conditions. I think the punishment fit the crime this time. Hopefully, this does not happen again, though I have a feeling this is not my last post about not doing a workout I should have completed.

In other news, fundraising is going quite well. I mentioned this before, but I saw the fundraising aspect as a real chore that was a necessary evil. While that is a bit true, I’ve received such positive responses from close friends, distant family, and more that it has been really rewarding so far. To date, I’ve received 31 donations totaling $2,278.60, which is 37% of my goal!

While I still have a lot of money to raise, I am overwhelmed by how quickly I’ve raised this money. The $6k mark doesn’t seem so large and unattainable anymore. Thanks to all that have donated, and for those that haven’t, you can do so here ;)

Coming Up:

Today: Nike Run Club: Central Park Run (6 miles)

July 7: Weights

July 8–10: Bachelor Party in Austin. I need to run…the question is will I?

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