Hot in Herre

It’s hot here, it’s hot there, it’s hot everywhere right now and it is really messing with my training.

On Friday I went to a bootcamp class I enjoy in the city called Throwback Fitness. They offer a great HIT workout in NoMad throwing in a mix of rowing, and body weight exercises that will leave you wanting to puke…especially if it is incredibly muggy and 94 degrees outside. I swear I had been good about hydrating all week, but my body was fighting me after the workout.

Then on Saturday, I got myself up early to run with Nike Run Club. By the time I made it to the Upper East Side store I looked as if I had already completed most of my run with sweat dripping from every pour. I had been mentally preparing for my first run longer than 13 miles, and just like every other run that I thought was going to be longer than 13 miles… it was shortened. Like the day before, the weather for Saturday was in the 90s and very sunny. The NRC Coaches had made the decision to limit the run to 60 minutes instead of the planned distances due to concern about dehydration and heat stroke. I was a bit disappointed and figured I would just keep running a bit longer when the group turned around. We were following the same Summer Streets course from the week before so I knew where all the water stations were. So off we went in our large groups in some REALLY balmy weather. I was drenched in the first mile. At mile 3, my group began to turn around. I kept going and decided to turn back before getting on the Brooklyn Bridge. I made my way back up town in the heat and took a few extra break than I really needed. I got back to the Nike store in 95 minutes covering just under 9.5 miles. While not the 15 I had planned and hoped for, I was pretty happy with the distance given the heat. I then completely flooded one of their changing rooms with my sweat, which forced a custodian to come in after me with a mop. That is not hyperbole people, that is sadly how much I sweat.

The rest of the day was spent replenishing my fluids, eating, and watching the Olympics!

Sunday started with KT Wall and I heading to Mile High Run Club for our Sunday Distance class. Our third #runmigo was out of town, so we tried a new class. Feeling especially sore from Friday’s workout (I am a two day soreness kind of guy), and hoping I had recovered from the previous day’s long run, I jumped on the treadmill and tried my best to keep up. Though not my best MHRC performance, it was better than my performance from the previous week. Afterwards, I headed home and again rocked a couch session with Gatorade, food, and the Olympics!

Coming Up:

Monday — REST

Tuesday — Group Run in St. Louis

Wednesday — Orange Theory

Thursday — REST