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Cooper Lucas
Aug 6, 2018 · 3 min read

From there its popularity surfaced in Great Britain, where Ecstasy became the drug of choice for young people in the rave and club scenes ( Hammersley, Kahn & Ditton 2002 ; Hammersley et al. 1999 ; Measham, Parker & Aldridge 1998 ; Thornton 1996 ). Ecstasy use did not achieve mainstream status in the United States until a decade later, concurrent with the emergence of a domestic rave scene ( Sloan 2002 ). In these earlier times users would ingest the drug orally in the form of small, white or light-colored pressed tablets; various pill colors and types of Ecstasy had barely surfaced. During the early stages of recreational Ecstasy use in the United States, a supplier reportedly hoped to call MDMA Empathy” since he felt it appropriately described the drug’s effects; but he later decided the name Ecstasy” would be more appealing to potential customers ( Saunders 1993 ). The marketing of Ecstasy has evolved to encompass a plethora of brand names and drugs manufactured in an assortment of shapes and colors with the choice of powder or pressed tablets with varying ingredients that are sold under the name Ecstasy.

The Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on drug makers selling products in the U.S. (mostly generic drugs) that were made at certain plants in India. I would warn and discourage people from purchasing supplements from these so called distributors” again best to buy directly from the product company when possible, or your local health food store. Heck, humans can often smell it. Not all dogs are trained to spot MDMA (most of those that are focus on smuggling/shipping ports, not casual users.) Another popular question is if I walk by a drug sniffing dog with some pills on me, will he smell them?” That depends on a lot of factors.
Traditionally, an ‘ecstasy’ pill has been assumed to contain about 100 mg of MDMA, but in recent years pills have grown stronger; sometimes much stronger! Sometimes you can find pure MDMA powder (retail prices might be in the $60-$100/gram range in small amounts; in large amounts it can be found for less than $20/gram.) The Drug Enforcement Agency suggests MDMA pills cost about 25–50 cents to manufacture, but that doesn’t take into account the large distribution costs. Sometimes the pills contain something along with the MDMA (such as ephedra, caffeine, etc) or they don’t contain MDMA at all (methamphetamine, etc.) In one particularly horrific case, a criminal group produced a batch of a drug called PMA and sold it as MDMA, causing an estimated twenty deaths worldwide (2000).
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