Me: Too Tall and Too Pretty to Get a Date
Charlie Sierra Bravo

This was a very enjoyable and informative read. Well said, and good for you for responding in such an elegant manner.

I often read stories similar to this (or hear them from female friends), and I am continually astounded by the volume of incompetent men out there when it comes to dating. Of course, it leaves me feeling one of two ways:

  • Hopeful, because if this is my competition, I’ve certainly got several legs up.
  • Horrified, because if this is my competition, what the hell is wrong with me??!?

You said it perfectly when you said being intimidated is the man’s problem, and not yours. Tall, pretty, smart, and you pilot a plane all over the world?? What is not to like? Talent and success are sexy. Don’t ever forget that.

I admit it: it could be intimidating to approach you out in the real world (again, not your problem). But online?? There’s literally no downside, except for maybe time lost. Men need to know: rejection is a part of life. My life improved greatly once I accepted that.

I’m still left with two questions:

  1. Did he write back?
  2. Should I now put up a “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS” sign on my online dating profile??

Holler if you’re ever in SF ;)

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