CopPay’s CEO Official Statement

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Dear community,

I would like to make a statement regarding our recent announcement about the possibility to buy Samsung products in Baltic countries with cryptocurrencies.

CopPay provided its solution to the Baltic premium reseller of Samsung that sells mobile phones, tablets, TVs and other products under its brand. The reseller is a separate legal entity and was exited to add an additional payment method for its customers. The official agreement was signed. We activated CopPay Payment Gates in Samsung Stores and trained personnel to show how it works, even a few transactions were made. In addition, we were preparing a mutual statement with representatives of Samsung PR division. Unfortunately, after Samsung officially announced that it doesn’t have any plans for the crypto and blockchain payments, the reseller decided to suspend cryptocurrency payment method. We have all evidence of the above information and can present the proof in court.

We’ve never claimed that we enter into partnership with Samsung HQ. We announced about the possibility to buy Samsung products with cryptocurrencies in its Baltic stores.

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Nevertheless, we believe in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency was created in order to become a mean of payment eliminating all intermediaries. The fact that during the last year it became mostly a speculative instrument, affected its reputation. We think that this technology should be used in order to transfer any value among people and even IoTs in secure, fast, easy and confident way. For that we all really need to integrate it in everyday processes. We hope that once regulation comes, it will create more confidence and trust in cryptocurrencies.

Our project aims to create a bridge between crypto economy and traditional businesses. We have a working solution for any type of businesses that we are happy to provide to our clients. We set a goal to create a huge network of merchants, so you can pay with cryptocurrencies for anything you’d like to buy. While many corporations stay away from cryptocurrency payment method, others are accepting it. And we hope that we will be able to attract more stores to our network with support of our crypto community.

Please, do not hesitate to ask us directly through Telegram-chat:

Respectfully yours,

Ina Samovich, CEO


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