Lithuanian United Colors of Benetton starts accepting cryptocurrencies via CopPay

United Colors of Benetton — the world’s first brand in the fashion industry, which allows customers to use cryptocurrency as payment option for their clothing line. It is guaranteed that such progressive action will be noticed by customers who are looking for opportunities to pay with cryptocurrencies.

The store owners use CopPay’s international payment processing system. Our service helps to avoid losses due to the volatility of the exchange rate by converting cryptocurrency into traditional money in real time.

According to the co-owner of the Lithuanian franchise United Colors of Benetton Arturas Zuokas, ‘In the future, payment by cryptocurrency will be available everywhere.’

Lithuania is already joining the world trend of money digitalization. Lithuanians actively contribute to the development of the crypto-infrastructure. Now you can pay with cryptocurrency in many restaurants, shops, boutiques, barbershops, computer services and fitness centers in Vilnius.’

The advantages of using crypto currency are obvious, among them decentralization, transparency and supranationality. However, obstacles to their mass adoption still exist. First of all, this is a low level of awareness and incomprehension of technology by the general public, so the widespread distribution of cryptocurrencies and their formation as a standard financial tool is only a matter of time.

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