Manual: How to accept payments with CopPay

CopPay is a Blockchain Platform for Cryptocurrency Payments. We’re creating a world where all human needs will be satisfied using cryptocurrency.

Right now BUYER can pay with 8 DIFFERENT TYPES of cryptocurrencies*:

*The list of tokens is constantly updated.

How it works?


  • Follow the link on PC, tablet or mobile phone,
  • Enter your LOGIN,
  • Paste the PASSWORD.

! PASSWORD is secret and automatically generated by CopPay.

Do not try to remember it by heart and to type from the keyboard.

Keep it in a safe place.

Copy and paste using clipboard (Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V)

After successful login you will automatically land on the MAIN PAGE:

3 STEPS to sell goods for cryptocurrency with CopPay

Let’s consider the EXAMPLE:

A buyer wants to buy a SAMSUNG GALAXY S9. Which costs €1540. The buyer wants to pay with Bitcoin (BTC).

STEP 1. Creating a new order

1. Select necessary CRYPTOCURRENCY from the drop-down list

2. Enter a brief payment DESCRIPTION: f.e. bill number, good name, etc for easy identification of goods sold for crypto on a bank statement

3. Indicate PRICE in Euro

Then press the button + and the entry will appear in the table below.

STEP 2. Payment Process

To receive QR-code press the PAYMENT INFO button. Let the buyer scan the code through their smartphone.

Merchant and buyer have 5 MINUTES to cope with QR-code scanning.

After successful scanning the QR-code — a message ORDER WAS BROADCASTED will appear immediately, the STATUS bulb is now yellow.

If the message ORDER WAS CONFIRMED appeared, the STATUS bulb will turn green — meaning the transaction was a SUCCESS. Transaction confirmation time depends on the fee defined by buyer.

If the buyer couldn’t scan QR-code within 5 minutes, (STATUS bulb will stay white) and you should REFRESH the order.

CopPay will update the price at the current exchange rate. You get receive 5 new minutes for completing the payment.

By clicking the button you can delete the order from TERMINAL mode. Order can’t completely be removed from the database and will be saved in HISTORY.

STEP 3. Order Confirmation

If the STATUS bulb is green, the transaction was successful. The payment is completed. Now the buyer may receive his goods.

Money in your base currency (EURO) will be transferred into your bank account within the next 1–2 banking days.

IN OUR EXAMPLE: The buyer receives his new SAMSUNG, you receive 1540 euro on your bank account within the next 1–2 banking days. THE DEAL IS DONE!

If you have any QUESTIONS, contact CopPay:

  • telegram @coppay_support
  • e-mail

We work 24x7 to make cryptocurrency payments as simple as credit cards.

Respectfully yours,

CopPay Team