Yaaaay! CopPay in Portugal!

We always beam with happiness when a new store joins us. Especially when it’s somewhere in a new country, then it’s a double occasion for joy!

In the fascinating country of Portugal there is a surprisingly pleasant city called Póvoa de Varzim. This one of kind village is the home of some beautiful architecture and amazing nature that attracts tourists. Located just 30 kilometers from the city of Porto. This picturesque area is particularly popular with fans that like to flee dense crowded touristic areas.

It is there where a cozy restaurant called Anastacia Marina, serves vegetarian dishes and divine desserts an amazing sea view! This is the first restaurant in Portugal, which is already pleasing tourists-cryptoowners to have a lunch and pay for it with cryptocurrencies! Among them being Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Nem, Steem and even Ripple!

A must visit for those who are already in Portugal or going there this summer! We continue our crypto journey and keep looking forward to add some new and exciting places to our cryptomap!

Stay tuned and as always Let’s Cryptofy!

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