Got thirst?

3 Big Lessons from a Market Innovator

1 — Help the other guy.

The success of HDX and of Vipe, who created HDX (the serious thirst-quenching, hydrating beverage) is based upon Vipe’s willingness and ability to help others. In college and business, Vipe has helped many friends develop their business ideas, even before they attained significant levels of success. What goes around comes around, and his advice is to “give back,“ including serving on philanthropic and corporate boards of directors. He would say that’s the best thing he ever did for business and personal satisfaction. Get yourself on a board and serve. These relationships become mutually beneficial.

2 — Be the customer of your product.

Consume your product, understand the competition of your produce and enjoy the customer experience. See it through the customer’s eyes and experience a service or product in their way. Having empathy for the consumer makes marketing much more relevant and simple.

3- Make it about them.

Particularly with a consumable product, customers want convenience. So what does convenience look like? How do customers find your product pay for your product, and receive your product when it is delivered to them? If you make it easy for your client, patient, or consumer, your sales will soar.

Vipe’s expertise is in inspiring his audience — customers — to get the word out, as well. We relies on digital technology, social media, press releases, articles, promotions and publications to spread the word. … and this planet is much less thirsty because of the vision.

Thanks, Vipe!