An Update on Production

We have some exciting news from Superpedestrian.

Following three and a half years of development, we are ramping up production of the Copenhagen Wheel. Our new manufacturing line in Massachusetts is complete, and we are expanding production and shipments to customers and supporters.

Many in the US have already received their Wheels, and we plan to fulfill all remaining current orders before February 2017.

We will also start shipping to Europe at the end of March next year, where we are now working through the country-specific regulatory frameworks, and establishing service and fulfillment operations.

The Copenhagen Wheel is the result of over two hundred thousand hours of design and engineering. We obsessed over the quality of this product.

Superpedestrian is a small company with limited resources. We’ve poured the vast majority of these resources into product engineering, with the goal of introducing a product which will show the world that there is a compelling alternative to driving a car. We believe the experience of the Copenhagen Wheel speaks for itself.

Thank you for your continued support.

Assaf Biderman



Some recent impressions from people who received their Copenhagen Wheel

“It’s amazing, I’ve had friends try it who are confused at first. I tell them to just get on and pedal, and they’re blown away immediately! Riding it has been the best part — it’s really done everything you said it would do. Now the hills aren’t a problem at all — since my bike shop installed it 10 days ago I’ve gone 75 miles on it. It really changes how I get around, I don’t show up sweaty anymore!”

~ Greg E. from Maine

“I bought a bike I loved, but I wasn’t riding it because I purchased an ebike. But now that I’ve switched to Copenhagen Wheel I got to go back to this bike I love and a frame that fits me perfectly! My Copenhagen Wheel performed much better than my old electric bike. It had plenty of power to get up my steep hill, and I like having the ability to change the mode to fit the situation I’m riding in. I tweet one little thing and everyone’s saying ‘oh my god how it is!’ and I’m thinking calm down people, but actually it’s completely worth the wait!”

~ Joan C. from Mass

“I took a magic ride this AM from Brooklyn over the bridge up the west side to the George Washington Bridge to the Jersey side. I got stopped 10 times by people who knew what it was and want it. Amazing ride unlike any I’ve taken. I do think the Wheel is transformative and changes how you get around cities. I’ve been riding for 30 years in NYC and it’s never felt more accessible than with the Wheel.”

~ John Maloney, Brooklyn

“It’s almost frightening how well it works. It seems to really want to keep you going. It was much better than expected, very surprising how responsive and assistive it was. Even my bike mechanic was impressed with the installation kit — they were so excited to see one they insisted on doing it themselves for free.”

~ Dave from New York