Limited Edition Wheel + Bike

Introducing Limited Edition Wheel + Bike

The Copenhagen Wheel creates a magical experience unlike anything you’ve had on a bike. Today we’re announcing Wheel + Bike, limited edition simple and elegant bikes with the Copenhagen Wheel pre-installed. Now you can get the Copenhagen Wheel and a great bike to go with it!

The Kilt

Wheel + Bike currently come in two styles — The Kilt, a beautiful step-through, and The Trousers, a sleek diamond — and are available in black and white.

Wheel + Bike is a limited edition, and is currently available only in the U.S.

The Trousers

When you order Wheel + Bike, it’s shipped to a bike shop near you where your Copenhagen Wheel is installed. All you have to do is pick it up and you’re ready to ride.

Get more information about Wheel + Bike on our website.

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