Taking care of your Copenhagen Wheel in cold weather

We’ve gotten some questions recently from Superpedestrians about how to take care of the Copenhagen Wheel in cold weather, so we wanted to give you a quick refresher.

  • As with all products using Lithium batteries, please don’t expose your Copenhagen Wheel to temperatures below -4ºF for a long time. It can reduce the life of the battery or damage it permanently.
  • On the same note, please don’t charge your Copenhagen Wheel in temperatures below 32ºF. It could damage the battery.
  • If you put your bike in storage for more than a week, please turn your Copenhagen Wheel off and keep it in a dry place.
  • To maximize your Copenhagen Wheel’s battery life, charge it to 50% — 70% before putting it in storage.

Do you have any photos of you riding with your Copenhagen Wheel in winter weather? We’d love to see them! Send us your favorites on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #CopenhagenWheel.

Be safe and stay warm!

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