10 Facts about 🎧headphones😉

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Aug 11, 2017 · 1 min read

1. Back in the 1880’s, the first headphones were used by telephone operators.

2. Nathaniel Baldwin began manufacturing the first modern headphones in 1910, but he didn’t patent his invention.

3. Nathaniel Baldwin’s headphones were designed for radio communication, and he sold them to the US Navy.

4. Beyerdynamic invented and produced the first dynamic headphones (DT-48) they are still in production.

5. The first celebrity signature headphones were the KOSS Beatlephones.

6. Apple iPod made earbuds popular.

7. Skullcandy took headphones to new levels with wild and vibrant styles designed to be noticed.

8. One of the most expensive headphones in the world HE 1 cost $55,000 (approximately £30,000, AU$75,000).

9. The world’s first “truly wireless” in-ear headphones were unveiled at the IFA technology show in Berlin, by a Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer Onkyo.

10. Beats by Dr. Dre resurfaced the line of celebrity headphones.



VOX Music Player
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