2014 Made VOX the Best iTunes Alternative for Mac

It’s almost the end of 2014 and everyone is ready to dip into the future — 2015.

Before we do that, it’s always good to sum up all the great stuff that happened over the past year and we didn’t want to be any different.

Get ready for 2 huge releases that are going to be public soon…

This winter to be exact! We’re extremely grateful to you for being with us this year. The number of VOX fans is about to hit 1,000,000 mark!

We’re the most popular Mac OS X music player on the market and we have the Mac App Store to prove that VOX is the best iTunes alternative.

There’s also a ton of very respected feedback from the top media.

“VOX has a clean design that is also easy-to-use.” *Mashable
“VOX is a simple music player designed to serve as a replacement for the music player built into iTunes.” *MacRumors

Our music player is backed up by Mashable, considering it as one of the best iTunes alternatives for Mac: “8 Best iTunes Alternatives”.

VOX is a mix of the powerful technical background + extremely user-friendly, which makes it stand out compared to its competitors (and it’s free, too!).

Let’s have a quick flashback…

There was a time when we didn’t know about HD video & Retina display. Today, we can’t even imagine living without it.

iPhone & Macbook with retina & 4K TV is a regular instance nowadays. People deserve to experience a better picture, so what’s going to be the next innovation to improve our daily media routines?

It’s not a secret that it’s becoming a very popular question, how to get sound in better quality? Just a few years ago, popular media sources started to poke this question and get their readers ready for a ‘proper’ way to listen to music. For example: What’s the Difference Between All These Audio Formats and Which One Should I Use?”

We’re now aware of such formats like WAV, AIFF, FLAC and etc. But, you have to understand that simply purchasing and downloading a FLAC music file — is not enough. You’ll need:

1) A music player that will be able to play lossless files without compressing and loosing quality

2) High-quality headphones or speakers

3) A more powerful sound card

This is just a standard bundle to enjoy a crystal clear sound of your favorite melody.

We’ve already purchased a laptop with a Retina display and we see it as something common now — having a gorgeous image, enjoy an ocean load of pixels. So, why not try the same thing with Music? You might’ve noticed that it’s no longer a big deal to purchase headphones that cost more than an average pair. Why? Because we want more quality & more style in everything we use on daily basis!

The best alternative to iTunes that will take your hand and show you around in the world of Hi-Res music is — VOX.

In the past, we wrote a ton of information about the development of this masterpiece:
- VOX Tips & Tricks 1
- VOX Tips & Tricks 2

After spending a whole year in our small Coppertino ‘lab’, we’re now ready to amaze you with our new creation. To be one of the first people to try it, please subscribe:

- A revolutionary service that will break the Music barrier once and for all

- The very anticipated release — VOX for iOS (we’re super stoked about this)

With these upcoming releases, you’re going to love VOX even more. This is wil be an ideal iTunes alternative in your little Apple world.

There’s been a ton of changes mad to iTunes from the very first release made by Apple in 2001. We completely understand that iTunes is a default app and every Apple user sed it at east once. But, if you’re actually thinking about alternatives to iTunes, then you probably have something that was not satisfying you and you’re looking for something better, easier, faster.

Look, this is probably something you’re looking for in a Music player. A minimalistic app that will get the job done but better than expected! And in January, you’ll see an innovative release from our team that will truly blow your mind…

Thank you for being with us!

And for those who don’t know — here’s a link to download VOX.

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