YouTube MP3 Player comes to VOX 2.4!

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As the incredible popularity of our music player continues to grow in more than 130 countries, we continue to improve its functionality and appearance everyday.

Our latest focus?

YouTube MP3 Player!

Most of you know that in addition to the endless number of videos on YouTube, it also has a huge library of music tracks from almost every artist in every genre. Furthermore, they are accurately sorted into albums or playlists.

Knowing how popular the YouTube as MP3 player is around the world, we have decided to add the ability to play YouTube MP3 on your Mac using VOX! This feature is now available in update 2.4 for both AppStore and stand-alone/DMG versions.

It works exactly like our Streaming Content function, and only requires that you have our VOX Music Player installed on your machine and an Internet connection. Below are the details of how to use YouTube in VOX as an MP3 player:

1) Single Tracks: the first is to find the desired track. Let’s say it’s Linkin Park (

Just copy the URL link from YouTube (like the one above) and simply paste it into VOX using CMD+U. The current track appears in your playlist in the best quality available from the YouTube source. And that happens seamlessly without any conversion from YouTube to MP3.

2) Playlists: Because we are committed to giving you the best functionality possible, we have extended this YouTube capability to playlists! So now you can add entire albums into VOX.

For instance let’s take Linkin Park again and their latest album, “The Hunting Party.” In this case, we were looking for «Linkin Park The Hunting Party playlist».

On the first results we receive is the album playlist. All you a veto do is again copy the URL into VOX (

And as easily as importing a single track from YouTube, the whole album is correctly displayed in your VOX YouTube Music player. Pretty cool, huh?

Further functionality between VOX and YouTube depends solely on your musical desires and ingenuity. For example, you can make your own MP3 playlist in YouTube on your Mac and move it to VOX without any loss of data and structure.

Finally, you no longer have to use complicated programs in order to convert YouTube music to MP3. VOX does everything for you — an incredible feature for music lovers like ourselves.

VOX continues to bring the universe of music to its streamlined VOX audio player. We are already thinking how to make YouTube MP3 content even more convenient, but it’s all ahead, so keep checking back for more!

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