My Ode To Earnest Hemingway

To be Honest…I was never Excited or particularly Interested in his Writing.

I haven’t read many of his stories or books.

The only one that I was slightly intrigued with was “The Old Man & The Sea.”

Still…I have read quite a few of his works…now that I think about it…but still…his work does not, and never has really Inspired nor Excited me.

The ONLY reason that I was so Impacted by Ernest Hemingway was because he spent a lot of his time in Michigan…and that is where I spent nearly half of my “growing up” years.

If you have spent any time in Michigan, especially near the water…or in the spring forestry…you understand the majestical allure of that quiet gem.

Really though…the powerful & captivating charisma…that has Always drawn me to Hemingway was his Love of Combat & Adventure!

In college I read Carlos Baker’s Biography of Hemingway.

It CHANGED my life!

Full-disclosure…I didn’t finish it.

That was partly due to my ADD…but 50% of my laziness/brain stuff wasn’t really laziness…it was due to the fact that I knew how his life ended…and I didn’t want to read about that!

As a youth…I remember spending summers in the dunes and woods of Michigan.

At the same time…I was reading books, and somehow/somewhere I had read about Hemingway typing away in his Michigan lake house.

In fact…I seem to remember a picture of him at a typewriter looking Happy, Content & Purposeful.

Not sure where that image comes from? Either way…as a young boy I felt like Hemingway was “The Man!” I identified with his Passion and Purpose.

He was a Warrior!

His Pen…or typewriter really…was his Sword!

He yielded IMMENSE Power with it!

On top of his literary prowess…his ability, and eagerness to spar with the Heavyweight greats of his day, showed his Courage & Toughness in the ring…and in Life!

This was not some run-of-the-mill, sit at his desk and hide from the world kind of writer.

He was skilled with Words & His Hands!

This is why I consider myself an Ernest Hemingway admirer.

I just wish we were living in the same time period b/c I would LOVE to have some Amazing Brews with him…talk about what it means to Write something that MEANS something…and of course put on some 16, maybe 4 ounce gloves and beat the living shit out of each other :)