The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

I would found this a lot more sincere if it came after 3 days of 307, not 3 weeks, after we basically besieged the show so bad that you guys can’t even tweet anymore, and nobody actually cares about what’s going on the show. 
This is too little, too late.

The thing is…this is going to sound incredibly childish, but I personally feel hurt by what you, Kim, Shawna and the rest of the writers did. Killing off Lexa the way you did was incredibly shitty, and would have hurt like hell anyway, but you guys made the entire past year making us feel like we are friends, like we can trust you, because you actually care about what this show, Lexa, and Clarke means to us. We, as LGBT fans always are, were vary to trust you, because we have learned our place in other people’s stories, we always know how it will end before it begins, but you spent a lot of time making us feel safe, and making us think that THIS was the show that is going to change things. That THIS was the show that will finally, for once, treat us with respect. That THIS is the show where maybe, for the first time, we get to be the heroes, and not the victims, the bodies to be tossed around.

And while I would be able to forgive you making a mistake that you didn’t know you were making, doing something you weren’t aware was bad, but you can’t even claim that is what happened. Every single day since Clarke and Lexa have first kissed in 214, your tweets’ answers and your mentions has been filled with people, young, queer, vulnerable people, BEGGING you not to kill Lexa. Do you think it’s healthy that all of our reaction to having this amazing character, and this amazing….hope, was fear? That we have been conditioned to feel afraid the moment we have seen them share a moment, because anytime we get that, it’s immediately torn away? And the only thing that tamed that fear was YOUR behavior, and YOUR lies.

I would be willing to forgive a great number of mistakes, but playing with us like that, using us for the buzz and then stomping out the hope that You have built up in us, is Not one of those things. And I don’t mean this in the ‘F you Jason, let’s get you fired” way. I mean this in the “you actually really fucking hurt me” kind of way, and honestly, your behavior after the whole thing happened has only made it ten times worse. I am not saying this to ‘drag you’, or to hurt your feelings back, but how you handled this was incredibly unprofessional, stupid, and even more hurtful. Calling hurt teenagers, teenagers who send you mean tweets BECAUSE you hurt them, bullies, is pathetic, and incredibly unprofessional (retweeting someone calling them bullies is the same). Ignoring the criticism you receive, and only acknowledge the articles that praise you, is childish, and egoistic. Waiting 3 weeks to address your fans, whom your actions hurt, and then only giving a ‘sorry not sorry’ interview to one of your Friends, is selfish, unprofessional, and childish. And it all just serves to make me hate the pedestal I, we put you on, even more.

This…letter, or whatever I should call it, should have been the START of your reaction to what has happened, and we should have built up from there, if this whole fucking mess had to happen in the first place (which I don’t believe it should have, because if you want to call yourself a good writer, you should try to not aim for the most obvious solution, but that’s a completely different argument altogether). You should not have done this in the first place, because you had a responsibility, that you have failed, you shouldn’t have then baited us, you shouldn’t have hyped the episode, and it shouldn’t have taken you 3 weeks to address the fallout.

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