Rahama Wright, founder and president of Shea Yeleen

Rahama Wright is a successful social entrepreneur, supporter of business development on the continent and in the diaspora, and founder of Shea Yeleen, a company that promotes sustainable economic development in rural sub-Saharan Africa while empowering and training women-owned shea butter cooperatives. Here she shares 5 of her top tips for aspiring entrepreneurs to help you overcome challenges and discover your unique path to success.

If this is a business you’re trying to create, know your market. Know who your consumer is, really spend some time doing your research, becoming an expert

Okayafrica’s CEO Abiola Oke Photo Courtesy: Okayafrica

Okayafrica calls itself, ‘the largest online destination for new African content’ and since its launch in 2010, has become a go-to platform for the latest on music, film, culture and entertainment from throughout the diaspora.

When Abiola Oke (@abiolatweets) left his career in financial services on Wall Street to become Okayafrica’s CEO, he called it his dream and says since that time he’s been working to fulfill what he sees as the company’s mission.

“Okayafrica quite frankly is a media company that enables a global audience to interact with Africa in the most…

If you’re someone who’s lived abroad and then returned home, even if just ‘for a visit’, you’ve no doubt had to deal with scrutiny from family members, friends and even local strangers who think you’ve “changed”. You’re either getting too fat, becoming too American/British/European, or are no longer “insert nationality here”enough and the list goes on.

For women, there’s even more to it. Once you’ve been out on your own and discovered your ability to make life decisions for yourself, returning home can be quite a humbling experience and that’s just one of the many issues the new web series…

When Africans from across the continent and throughout the diaspora took over Twitter with #theAfricathemedianevershowsyou, it was to debunk the many myths about what their lives are really like.

Cherae Robinson (@sasyrae) wanted to continue to give people ‘a different taste’ of Africa and breakdown the negative stereotypes shown too often by a mainstream media. As CEO and founder of Tastemakers Africa, she’s creating a new mobile platform to showcase the new Africa to people around the world who may be surprised to learn there’s more to life on the continent than poverty, disease, and violence.

“So tastemakers Africa is…

dotLearn’s Sam Bhattacharyya and Tunde Alawode were winners at this year’s new venture competition

Harvard University hosted its 18th annual Africa Business Conference and over the 3-day event, #HBSABC2016 trended as key note speakers, panelists, and startup teams all shared their passion for investing in the future of Africa.

The Africa Business Conference was started by Harvard’s Africa Business club in 1998 to help increase awareness of the investment opportunities on the continent.

“Every year, the Africa Business Club hosts the largest African student-run conference, bringing together preeminent keynote speakers, expert panelists, and approximately 1000 passionate students and professionals from…

For many people in sub-Saharan Africa lacking access to electricity, it means more than not being able to charge a phone, go online, or watch TV. Access to affordable, reliable electricity can be the difference between a lifetime of extreme poverty and the opportunity to build a better quality of life.

That’s where Thione Niang comes in as a co-founder and managing partner with the Akon Lighting Africa initiative and Solektra International.

“Very recently, we were inaugurating a village in Benin, with their Prime Minister. A lady got up and told us how before the lights came in, everybody was…

Rahama Wright, founder and president of Shea Yeleen Shea Yeleen

“It takes more than an idea to make it as an entrepreneur, you have to be prepared to deal with the challenges along the way.” — Rahama Wright, founder of Shea Yeleen

At this year’s Powering Africa Summit, American-Senegalese rapper and social-entrepreneur, Akon took to the stage to talk about Akon lighting Africa and his goal of improving quality of life across the continent by providing electricity to millions of Africans using solar energy. The project launched in 2014 in partnership with Samba Battily and Thione Niang and is already providing electricity to more than a dozen countries in West Africa including, Senegal, Mali, and Niger.

Thought provoking movies, insightful conversations with filmmakers, and appearances by iconic figures were all part of the experience at this year’s African diaspora film festival celebrating Black cinema in New York City.

Many of this year’s films looked at the lives of women and children in developing countries and the battles they often find themselves facing between modern culture and long held traditions. This year’s festival also focused on inclusion, offering opportunities to view a collection of LGBT films, movies on the Black British experience, and youth uprisings during the Arab spring of 2011.

Films from African American artists included…

“When a woman is raped, it is not just a non-consensual sexual act. I would even go further, rape is not a sexual act. It is not a sexual act, it is denial of a woman’s humanity. It is a refusal to allow a woman ownership of her body, her mind. Destroying a woman’s genitals is to deny a woman her right, her greatest happiness and honour, that of giving life, of being the mother of humanity”– Dr. Denis Mukwege

Dr. Denis Mukwege founded Panzi hospital in 1999 to help restore hope in the life of sexual violence victims in…

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