All Evidence Points To A Corbyn Election Victory

Theresa May basically kissed her political career goodbye after a reckless snap election announcement, fuelled no doubt by misplaced confidence in the Tory-run polling company YouGov. Check out my previous work in debunking their polls. That blog post is now approaching 5k shares on Facebook. Don’t forget, I don’t even get paid for the work I do.

What cracks me up is that she announces this snap election, which is the equivalent of a sneak attack, just as the public love affair with Corbyn’s recent policy announcements were capturing the imagination of the nation. Parents’ heads were swimming with the prospect of free school meals for their children, and the rest of us (plus the parents too, thinking about it — good news all round for them) were daydreaming over the prospect of the top rate of tax being raised from 45p to 50p.

And let’s not forget that nobody likes sneaky moves by sneaky people. Calling a snap election on an opponent is dirty politics. In wrestling, sneak attacks are frowned upon by fans and they generally only give the perpetrator a short-lived upper hand on an opponent. Once the move is performed, there’s a collective sense of outrage that permeates throughout the stadium, with fans rallying behind the victim. Usually, that victim is then able to channel the outpouring of support from the crowd who is now willing them on to enact revenge. Why? Because deep down, there’s a sense of decency in all of us who want to see a fair fight. There’s a dignity at the core of all of us that wants to see justice done wherever we see someone wronged.

And that’s how you know those who were advising May haven’t been doing their research properly. We’ve seen her attempt to kick a great man, supposedly when he’s down (according to YouGov, which doesn’t count) and the British public aren’t going to stand for it. We’ve already seen what Corbyn’s early responses to this foul act of indecency. He’s been getting amongst the crowds and feeding off their energy. In Dr Eoin’s tweet (left), Corbyn himself gets so wound up by the energy radiating from the crowd, which spontaneously formed around him, that he pumps his fists not once, not twice — but three times. I was in heaven after the second pump and floating somewhere in the ecstasy of heaven’s heaven after the third. Three pumps is such an unexpected bonus. I would have settled for one pump at the start of the pumping, but delivering three pumps is more pumps than you could possible even have hoped for.

If you’re going to perform a sneak ‘snap election’ move on a political opponent, don’t do it to the one man who knows how to feed off the energy of the crowd. He’s already suffered the indignity of having his body flung through the ropes by members of his own party, who then tossed him against the steel posts and steps outside of the ring to capitalise on his temporary giddiness.

And then what happened? He got back on his feet after his supporters rallied behind him. He was willed back into the ring and began trading blows at first before gaining the upper hand with a series of technically accomplished holds and slams. Then, when the time was right, he climbed onto the top turnbuckle and delivered a crushing elbow to the windpipe of the Blairites begging for mercy below. He then pinned them for three to put them out of their treacherous misery and victory was finally his. The crowd could barely contain themselves.

And if he doesn’t win this time round, well we’ll know who to blame — the Blairites.