Five Reasons Why Corbyn’s Labour Are Actually Winning

If, like me, you’re someone who likes to read between the lines and look past the MSM spin — you are probably sick of the narrative that Jeremy’s Labour are doing badly in the polls. Here’s five reasons why you should ignore that bullshit and get educated on what’s really happening.

1. The Corbyn Effect

One of the noted impacts of Jeremy becoming leader of the Labour Party was the number of members that joined from socialist groups or, like myself, transferred their allegiances from The Green Party. Something like 600k new members and voters rocked up to get behind the new movement. Of course, that’s now money in the bank so you can’t count that shit twice — so we’re reliant on the next wave of voters to arrive from other sources to get Jeremy elected PM.

The Corbyn Effect is a phenomenon recognised by most political scientists that know their shit. Before Jeremy became leader, if you were to plot the average UK electorate on a political compass, they would be here where the blue dot is below — kind of Blairite/Liberal/Soft Tory territory.

According to my calculations, this is now where the current average voter sits on the compass (see below). You can see a real shift where Jeremy’s presence as leader of the Labour party has made a serious impact in dragging the entire electorate left.

But, who is currently benefiting most from this? The Lib Dems, after all this is their safe, beige, bland territory. Even if they are bragging about it (which is pathetic), the evidence suggests their good times are not going to last long.

In another five years of Corbyn leadership, which will also coincide with many elderly Tory deaths, the average voter be in the space shown below. Classic, grass roots Labour.

This graph below demonstrates it best. At the start of the year, you can see Jeremy looks pensive and unhappy — but his mood turns around completely as nearly all the fictitious votes currently being cast for the Lib Dems reach their true destination (Labour) by Christmas.

2. Corrupt Polling Companies

Ever wondered why when you set-up a fair and impartial poll on Twitter using all the party hashtags, you still get a biased result in favour of Labour? Look at Guarang’s poll below where 64% of voters indicated they would vote for Jeremy’s Labour if a GE was called tomorrow.

What’s even more staggering is that this would deliver 576 seats nation wide and give the party a well-deserved 502 seat majority. Pretty fucking sick.

I even tried this myself to see what results I would get, before being trolled at the last minute by Lib Dems and Tories sharing the poll amongst themselves like idiots.

Even if you discount the impact of those, it still delivers a healthy Labour outlook. Why? Corrupt polling companies.

I’ve talked about YouGov at length on my feed. There’s a reason people call YouGove, it’s owned and run by Tories with links to tax havens. Who wants to ensure the super rich pay their fair share so we can scrap austerity measures? Jeremy Corbyn. They’ve got a vested interest in portraying him as unpopular to try and sway public opinion against him and give confidence to Blairites to try and get him out again. Other polling companies are up to similar shit, trying to steer public opinion instead of informing it. They are nasty and corrupt.

3. People Who Won’t Vote Labour Until Blair Is Tried For War Crimes

Over a million people demonstrated against the war in Iraq in 2003 and so many of those still feel let down by the war monger Tony Blair. If you combine the number of marchers, with the number of people that wanted to march but were too young at the time or couldn’t get to London, that’s actually a big demographic. This is why Jeremy has been pushing for a trial. Obviously it’s mostly about getting justice for those who suffered, but it also makes good business sense because people will finally see Labour closing the book on a dark episode in our history.

4. Reselections Process

Hasn’t happened yet, but it needs to. The PLP has proved itself to be treacherous time and time again. The great thing about Jeremy is that he’s so fair minded, he’s resisted calls to kick them out of the party. However, instead being humbled by his tolerance, they’ve continued to attack and his popularity with the public has suffered as he’s been undermined. There’s plenty of pro-Corbyn candidates that can fill the tiny holes left by these traitors, so get them in and lets win back the public’s support.

Personally I’d go all the way and kick-out Blair supporting members of the party too, they’ve been just as disruptive.

5. Blairites Who’ll Back Jeremy Once The Tide Turns

Not going to slag them off too much, because we’ll need them onside purely from a numbers perspective. Rest assured that will happen because if anyone wants to jump on a bandwagon heading in the right direction it’s the Blairites. Once the impact of the Corbyn Effect has reached its destination, they will change their tune and get onboard. I’ll still remind them of all the shit they caused, never letting them off the hook completely.