We started Cord Project in 2014 to get people talking again. And you have! Voice has made a huge comeback and audio is quickly becoming the way we interact with computers and communicate with each other. …

It’s a great time to talk.

Today we’re launching Cord 2.0 worldwide on iOS & Android for phones, tablets, and watches. You can download it now and just start chatting or read on for a little bit more about 2.0 and how we got here.

It’s been almost a year since we released the very first…

Feel like a spy

Cord for Android Wear is the only way to send and receive audio messages from your watch.

We started Cord Project with a mission to get people talking again. As phone screens got bigger and brighter, texting and 😜-ing took over as the primary way most of us ‘talk’ on our phones. But things are changing. Wearables are coming and they’re already forcing everyone to rethink how…

Cord Project is all about audio.🔊 But as we were getting up to speed with the Apple Watch SDK, we quickly realized third party developers didn’t have access to the speaker or microphone. …

Our second Cord project is a mic button for Twitter.

Today, World Voice Day, we’re sharing an app built to tweet your voice.
It’s called Chhirp. Get it?

You may ask “What about Cord?! I’ve been waiting for [insert awesome feature here] forever!” Rest assured Cord user, we’re still hard at work everyday making Cord better. As a Cord project

Introducing our first Cord Project, a ridiculously simple app to shout out to all your friends all at once.

Today we’re sharing a little app called Shhout!

That may seem like an odd thing to do. After all, it’s only been a little over a month since we launched our eponymous application, Cord. There’s still a ton to do to take Cord from the app you can download now

Cord Project

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