Cord Project is all about audio.🔊 But as we were getting up to speed with the Apple Watch SDK, we quickly realized third party developers didn’t have access to the speaker or microphone. Of course, we were super excited about the platform and wished we could do a little more than notifications.

So we kept digging. 👷

That’s when Dare, an iOS developer here at Cord Project, was noodling around with WatchKit and built a basic snake game that we all thought was super fun. So we spent an afternoon on design and polish and Snakemoji was born.👶

Snakemoji is a simple game where you control a 😃 whose appetite for 🍕, 🍔, 🍌, or even 🍤 never ends. Every time it eats another item, it gets longer. Snakemoji uses Game Center so you can challenge your friends. And there might be a few more surprises along the way.

Beyoncé tops the Snakemoji leaderboards… of course.

Have fun with your new watch! 😜

Karl Lagerfeld plays Snakemoji on his limited edition Apple Watch