Blockaid Integrates with Core: Protecting Your Crypto Before It’s Too Late

4 min readJun 10, 2024
Guard Against Wallet Drainers on Core. Powered by Blockaid.

In the world of crypto, navigating the delicate balance between innovation and exploitation is paramount. The landscape is fraught with emerging threats, cleverly concealed within the intricate frameworks of decentralized applications (dApps). These threats pose tangible dangers, resulting in substantial financial losses for users caught unaware.

However, today we are launching a new integration which brings Blockaid into Avalanche’s native wallet and portfolio, Core, and we’re not just addressing these challenges — we’re redefining the benchmarks for security, ensuring a level of protection that’s unparalleled in its effectiveness.

The Reality of Threats in Web3

At Core, we understand the inherent allure of decentralized platforms — the promise of transparency and user autonomy. Yet, we also recognize the lurking dangers, especially from sophisticated scams like wallet drainers. These scams are cunningly crafted to mimic legitimate operations, posing a severe threat to users’ assets.

That’s where Core’s commitment to safeguarding our wallet holders comes into play. We’re actively seeking solutions to fortify our defenses against such deceptive threats, and our vision closely aligns with Blockaid’s offerings. With over $7.1 billion in assets shielded and an impressive track record of preventing 1.3 million attacks, Blockaid stands as a formidable ally in our mission to protect our users’ crypto assets. Together, we’re forging ahead to ensure that Core remains a safe haven in the ever-evolving landscape of Web3 malfeasance.

How Blockaid Works

Blockaid works in a Defense-in-Depth security model, which was adopted from the forefront of the leading cybersecurity solutions. The idea behind this model is to protect the user with a combination of multiple protection layers, each one complementing the other.

The security solution provided by Blockaid offers multiple such layers. One of these, for example, is the Blockaid Network — a vast data layer, containing all of the dApps that are interacted with by the millions of users that are protected by Blockaid. By scanning over 15 million sites daily, Blockaid detects and neutralizes risks before they can reach users. When one user identifies a threat on any Blockaid-enabled platform, all users across the network gain immediate protection — a testament to the power of collective security.

Another layer of defense that is included in the Blockaid suite of tools is its best-in-class transaction simulation solution, which helps users understand the outcome of their transactions before they sign them. The Blockaid solution also runs its own analysis over the results of the simulation, and alerts the user if it detects signs of a malicious activity conducted within the transaction.

Integration with Core: Real-Time, Real Protection

For Core users, the integration with Blockaid means security is significantly enhanced without sacrificing the user experience. Core users can now enjoy peace of mind knowing that every transaction is screened against Blockaid’s vast database of identified threats, monitoring that their crypto is secure against even the most cunning of digital adversaries.

What This Means for You

If you’re a developer or a “degen’’ deep in the trenches of the Web3 world, the importance of robust security cannot be overstated. Blockaid’s integration into Core is a necessary step to stay ahead of the increasingly sophisticated tactics used by attackers. This partnership aims to maintain that your crypto in the Avalanche ecosystem and beyond are protected with a system that’s designed to be as dynamic and resilient as the community it serves.

To get started with Blockaid, download Core on iOS, Google Play or Chrome Extension.

About Core

Core is Avalanche’s native wallet and portfolio, built by Ava Labs. Core is available as a comprehensive product suite on iOS, Android, as a Chrome Extension, and as a desktop app at With Core, you can gain access to the Avalanche Bridge, Subnets, Development Tools, Staking, and Discover, the official directory for Avalanche projects. Supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any EVM chain, Core lets you create a self-custody wallet simply using your Gmail or Apple ID.

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About Blockaid

Blockaid is a web3 security platform that enables Wallets, NFT Marketplaces, dApps and more to combat the many scams, phishing, frauds and attacks that have been plaguing the ecosystem. A leader in web3 security, Blockaid was founded in 2022 to quickly become the standard in blockchain protection — working with the biggest companies in the crypto space to provide users with a way to safely and securely explore the web3 realm.

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Core is Avalanche's native wallet and portfolio, built by Ava Labs. Supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum and all EVM chains.