Core ‘Stake’ Empowers Anyone to Stake AVAX in Seconds

3 min readJul 27


Core users can now easily stake and delegate, aided by a step-by-step walkthrough, custom settings, and nuanced performance tracking.

Stake in Core has launched, simplifying staking and delegating on Avalanche while trimming the third-party intermediary and giving users nuanced customization settings. With the launch, validators can now seamlessly customize their staking via Core’s web portfolio, and delegators have a more accessible and affordable way to participate in receiving staking rewards. Stake functionality will be made available for Core mobile app users in the near future.

Stake makes blockchain staking as easy as using a Web2 app, empowering a wider range of users to tactically engage with and help secure the Avalanche network.


With Core Stake, validators can monitor and fine-tune their staking within the Core web app. Stake offers custom settings that can bend to each validator’s unique staking goals. Validators can set their delegation fees and staking durations, see estimated rewards, and much more. Core does not custody assets and charges no fees, meaning validators retain full control of their AVAX at all times.


With the new Stake feature on Core, anyone can easily delegate. It has an interface designed for novice users (for instance, transfers from C-Chain to P-Chain happen in the background). Users choose from among an open market of validators, comparing data on estimated rewards, capacity, number of other delegators, and so on. They can then delegate their AVAX without leaving the Core app and receiving rewards. Stake is available on the web app starting today and coming to Android and iOS mobile apps soon.

Though the road to staking has never been simpler, Core has resources to guide users unfamiliar with participating in a blockchain network on this level. The seamless flow guides validators and delegators through each and every step, helping answer questions along the way.

The majority of AVAX’s supply is staked, securing the Avalanche Network and generating rewards for validators and delegators. Core users are invited to try Stake, quickly and easily stake their AVAX with near-absolute control, and start receiving rewards today via

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Core is a free, self-custody wallet engineered for users to seamlessly and securely use Web3 dApps.