There are four major image formats in common use on the web today. Each format its own strengths and weaknesses, and each is better suited to particular situations than others.

JPEG is best for photos. JPEG images use something called lossy compression, which means that some of the original image information is thrown away (lost) in order to make the image smaller.

The JPEG format was specifically designed to find and discard information from photos that we humans are unlikely to notice is missing. …

You should always find someone else to proofread your writing if you can, but sometimes that isn’t possible. Not to worry! When you’re on your own there’s one easy thing you can do to boost the effectiveness of proofreading your own work: change contexts.

During the act of writing and editing you can easily get too familiar with your surroundings. You stop noticing the room you’re in. You stop paying attention to the text editor you’re using. You stop noticing details. The individual letters and words you’ve written merge together into an abstract blob that represents the concepts you’re writing…

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