Thanks for the response. I will agree that we disagree. Respectfully.
Todd Ridley

Its the mindset that I’m addressing here, Todd. Detroit isn’t a blank slate. Its a place filled with history, and rebranding sweeps that away.

Core City Neighborhood Inc has been in existence since 1984. They built 475 single family homes in the neighborhood, they serve 1,000 meals a day to the homeless and provide clothing and essentials to people in need.

Alternatives for Girls, a shelter for young women and girls, said that no other neighborhood association would accept them. But, Core City Neighborhood Inc did.

What happens if you rebrand the neighborhood that is the namesake of this CDC? You sweep away the work they have done in this community and while its not glamourized like converting an old bank into a loft, its meaningful work.

So, what you (and the couple) should have done was walk across the street to introduce yourself to the CDC, instead of taking it upon yourself to rebrand.