How to eat well on a Budget

Being Healthy and Keeping more $$$ in Your Pocket

Eat Well and Don’t Break the Bank

Ah the Dollar Menu, one of the greatest marketing plans of all time. A Burger for a Buck. Kudos to you McDonald’s for helping millions of people eat cheaply and feel terrible afterwards. Its hard to argue with the socio-economics impact here because its so hard to healthy good affordable food. Do you really feel better and healthier if you spend $15 for lunch vs. $5?. What difference in cost!

How many of you say “I would eat healthier if it cost less”. Everyone has their hand up right?!?! You want to eat healthy but you are constantly contained in your wallet or pocketbook. Here are our tips to eat well, be healthly and keep that extra change in your pocket.

Top 5 Tops to Eating Healthy on a Budget

  1. Simple is better and cheaper! Think greens, greens, greens. Salad’s by themselves are extremely affordable, fresh and nutritious. Also its nearly impossible to each to much — seriously give it a go. So keep your salads comprised largely of greens like arugula then layer on a few small seasonal veggies or meat on top. If you keep the greens the focus, you can keep costs way down and your body feeling great. And if salad isn’t your thing, check out these DIY pasta recipes and all you need is egg & flower to have fresh Pasta for days!
  2. Find the overabundant seasonal vegetable — Love them, eat them, freeze them for later. Let’s go for a drive, to our local farmer stand. For most of us, this will be a summer activity, but early and late harvest vegetables & fruits should extend this option from spring til late fall. Let’s all benefit from simple supply and demand economics and buy the most of our food when its the most available. For example, strawberries are about to be in full swing — and most of us love their delicious taste. I just watched the prices drop from $10 a container to $4.99 at my local market and at a roadside fruit stand, they should be even cheaper. But some for now, freeze some for later and keep your food costs down and your food excitement up!
  3. Don’t be afraid of carbs. Its impossible to ignore carbs like rice, pasta, bread, etc when discussing cheap foods. Carbs aren’t all bad, we need them and unless you have allergies they can be a great staple in every meal. Use it as your base, the same as the salad greens above then add small amounts of fresh vegetables, meats and a simple sauce to add some kick. If you keep the variety high and follow carb heavy meals with salad heavy meals your body will thank you and can keep that figure on track without breaking your bank.
  4. Buy non-perishables in bulk. We know, this isn’t sexy and requires decent pantry space at home. But it works — don’t do it for everything but a few staples that you can add to every meal like: olive oil, nuts, dried fruit, frozen meats, baking supplies like flour, sugar, etc., and cereal. If you don’t have the upfront $$ or room at your house, grab a friend an split the cost! That way, you get more variety and lower upfront costs!
  5. Meal Prep & Portion Control. This is boring — we know. Its takes time — we know. But it saves money! Preparing one larger meal and breaking it down into a few meals will save you tons of money. Its simple efficiency at scale. And if you get some slack from others, just remember its how Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson preps for his meals each week too!
The Rock — Preparing for Batttle

Eating well on a budget takes more effort than grabbing a burger from a fast food place. It’s hard and at time just plain annoying. But its your body, your health and your confidence — your worth it right?? Of course you are!


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