How to Hack every weekend into a 3 Day Weekend

Everyone will have FOMO but you

Friday afternoon Inspiration

Image if every weekend felt like a 3 day weekend — long, spacious and luxurious. That’s right, and let me show you how I do it. Friday afternoons, pose as the greatest squandered time of your entire week and clear opportunity to create a whole new day in your weekend.

I know you only have so much time after 5pm, but an experience isn’t a measure of time, it’s the value and emotion of the event itself. Are you telling me you can’t find something truly rewarding to do if you have 3–5 unencumbered hours? That’s an entire day’s activities!

I love waking up Saturday morning knowing that I am already well into my weekend and way ahead of everyone else. I feel like I tricked the system and got away with something. I wake up with a sneaky smile and child’s laughter. My mind is refreshed and I couldn’t be farther from my work mode. I feel totally free.

How I Hacked My Friday Afternoon:

  1. Plan Your Week — don’t get stuck with a major project not yet started on Friday morning. You might need to put in some extra time throughout the week and a touch more intensity than a normal day to make sure you own your Friday afternoon. Give yourself some buffer so that if something does come up last minute, it doesn’t spoil your weekend.
  2. Set Your Work Boundaries — your ability to manage your work life balance speaks to your priorities, happiness and health. Setting a clear stopping point everyday is an important delineation. On a Friday, this can have a dramatic impact in how you will carry (or not carry) your work into your personal time. Understand your own and your company’s expectations ahead of time and make a clear point to leave precisely as the work day ends, as your complete a project or your achieve your daily goal. Work is never ending, if it wasn’t none of us would have jobs. There always more to do, so give it what you should and get going.
  3. Create Your Escape Plan — planning ahead is going to be part of the challenge for many of us. Don’t get to the end of the day without a plan. Even if it’s as simple as a drink outside. Email, text, snapchat, or CALL your friends to get things planned so you are mentally (and maybe even physically) packed and ready to go. Make a firm plan and get going! And blocking out your calendar late in the day might not be a bad idea either.
  4. Don’t Get to Anxious — Hold that excited in, but don’t burst! It’s hard to spend the day focused when you have something wonderful to look forward to and you know those picturesque day light hours are winding down. Keep your mind sharp and keep your professional responsibilities in sight, so when you do leave, you aren’t worrisome of what’s left to do.
  5. GO, GO, GO! Friday at 5pm is my most important alarm of the week.. It’s the end of your weekly professional commitment and the beginning of your weekend. So why not set an actual alarm, or maybe just a friendly calendar reminder? Don’t be late, because you know traffic is going to be bad!
It’s Friday!

Still not convinced? Check out some details from a new study that working more than 80 hrs a week dramatically decreases your productivity. So really, getting out of the office at a reasonable time on Friday is good for you and your company.

“It’s a heresy now (good luck convincing your boss of what I’m about to say), but every hour you work over 40 hours a week is making you less effective and productive over both the short and the long haul. And it may sound weird, but it’s true: the single easiest, fastest thing your company can do to boost its output and profits — starting right now, today — is to get everybody off the 55-hour-a-week treadmill, and back onto a 40-hour footing,” Sara Robinson, ALTERNET

Friday afternoons are a new way to approach your weekend and a total experience expansion of your normal weekend. Don’t squander these unseen opportunities because of overbearing professional pressures. Only you get to decide how to manage your work life balance. And really, who doesn’t hate FOMO? In terms of what you should be doing, well that’s entirely up to you. Get going, your 3 day weekend starts now!


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