Salads Are Making America Great Again

American Health Excitement is Stronger than Donald Trump’s Combover

America is in really bad shape. We just lost the wires on our headphones, cars are driving themselves in Pittsburg, and some madman is trying to make space ships land on earth (You are going the wrong way Elon!). To top that off, there is an orange madman on TV with a really bad combover yelling at a robot who has lost all of her emails or something like that.

The sky is falling.

In worse news, Game of Thrones won’t we back until next summer. While we will have to wait for GOT, things are pretty darn good from a health perspective. We are on an increasingly positive health trajectory.


American’s health interest is at an all time high. 1 in 5 Americans own a wearable and Fitness Apps are seeing 62% daily usage growth compared to all other apps. While these health excitements seem to be extremely misguided at times (see Cabbage Soup Diet, Cave Man Diet or The Baby Food Diet to name a few), the health belief has taken hold and is rolling across the country at increasing speed.

Health is so fun that you might find pictures strewn all over the internet of women laughing and eating salad. These pictures are great for a quick mid-day internet exploration, but how can we make health more than just a meme?

Our interest in health is currently based on fads, headlines and trends that change faster than AT&T data plans. This belief is based on the evidence that over the last few years (from 2008–2012) medical costs associated with obesity were estimated to be $147 billion and climbed to $245 billion. That is a 67% increase in cost, in 4 years. Our health interest is a strong as ever, but it’s not helping our health. So what gives?

Health education and health understanding is based on simple call-and-response beliefs that largely ignoring health complexities. The data continues to show that Americans have missed the boat when it comes to health understanding. So the question becomes “Why don’t I understand my health?” and not “Why aren’t I healthy?”

Let’s remove some health misconceptions to help us get started:

  • Social Media Nonsense: Most health headlines are the worst thing to read if you want to be healthy. They are click jargon and have no interest in helping you reach long term health goals. Take them with a grain of salt or ignore them all together.
  • Contradicting Studies: Poor data understanding or manipulation of health studies is sadly too common. Study results need to be highly resourced and referenced before you can consider them as fact. Look at the recent findings that showed a 50 year old sugar study, from Harvard scientists, had its findings manipulated to showcase sugar consumption in a better light. If you need another example, look at big tobacco. It’s scary how these studies can influence your health decisions even if they lack any scientific merit.
  • Government Interference: National economics, lobbyists and direct paid influence are in conflict with your health. The system wasn’t designed for this purpose but it allows companies to pay to manipulate the system, or at least try. This has improved in recent years but continued to seek independent and verified sources for health leadership and advice.
  • McDonald’s & Low Cost Bad Food: McDonald’s is a horrific health option but one the easiest ways for Americans to decrease food purchasing insecurities. This balance is directly responsible for making Americans less healthy. Extrapolate this out and Americans regularly make poor health decisions based on convenience and conflicting personal interests.

There is no clear system that guides us to health success. What we are left with is Trail And Error. We are all scrambling to try and keep up with ever shifting health data with no way to verify what is right and wrong. Corevity is working to help make this more scientific and easily understood so you aren’t left feeling frustrated and farther behind then when you started. In the meantime, keep your health excitement high and know there is help coming soon.

  1. The Cave Man Diet — really, really? Cave Men (& Woman) had a life expectancy of 30-35 years old, is that the life you have in mind?
  2. Understand the benefit of healthy food, even if you can’t afford it. If your income levels change, you will leapfrog everyone else.
  3. A ripe avocado is more exciting to me than the 2016 presidential election.
  4. Don’t take any social media health data to heart without extra research.
  5. Do whatever it takes to make yourself healthier.
  6. If you find a woman eating a salad on the beach, laughing, remember it’s either a dream or you have lost your mind.
  7. Medical costs associated with obesity were estimated to be $147 billion in 2008 and climbed to $245 billion in 2012 — a 67% increase in 4 years.
  8. Sugar isn’t good for you, no matter what a few Harvard scientists were paid 50 years ago to tell us.
  9. Presidential elections come and go every 4 years, your health is more important than a campaign slogan.
  10. Your health will never be perfect, but keep trying, we will get there together ;)


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