Day 15 — The Fiddle

I started some hard coding some jQuery code for the timeclock. From what I’ve gathered from JS is that the specific information needed usually requires its own variable. So I wrote out all my variables before setting up the exact function.

Picture of JS Fiddle coding tool

$(document).ready(function(){ — All jQuery code must start with this to work properly


var date = new date(); — Date variable which specifies to date object that today must start a “new date”

var Hours = new gethours(); — Giving the specific hour timeframe

var Mintues = new getmintues(); — Giving the specific minutes timeframe

var Seconds = new getseconds(); — Giving the specific second timeframe

if (Hours > 12) {

Hours = Hours — 12
}); }); — My Hours variable will automatically bring back military time which I don’t like. This code tells it to return the hourly timeframe in cilivan time

I will need to use the setInterval function in some way but I can’t quite figure it out. I’ll go back at tomorrow.

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