Day 51 — Multi-Tenancy

I cracked open and began to dig into their tutorials. They provide in-depth information (or links to other sources). The first tutorial I’m going to do will walk me through creating a mailing list with MailChimp and Active Job. I did a quick read (about 1.5 hours of reading) of 2 tutorials and noticed that all web apps share the same basic functionalities. I see why software and design firms are good lifestyle businesses — once you’ve built a million different apps/website, you can take your source code from random projects and create new ones.

I learned a few new terms:

Multi-Tenancy — A design methodology for cloud SaaS apps. It’s the idea of designing one piece of software with interchangeable parts specific to each user’s login credentials. Sites like Facebook and Saleforce follow this methodology.

SSL protection — Secure hosting solutions for web (or native mobile) apps. Typically, when apps handle sensitive data or have a wide user base you’ll see “https” in your web browser. It’s used to build trust among their users. Sites using SSL protection usually show a green lock in the web browser where you see the site URL address.

Background processing — A variation of concurrent programming which runs operations in the background and are typically done for reducing app errors. As an example, when your want to order food, instead of the cashier taking multiple orders at once, you are placed in a line and the cashier takes your order based on your position in line. Background processing works the same exact way.

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