Day 9 — I need JQuery

I felt that I was in way over my head with this second app. I had to call upon the powers of Google, StackOverflow and random other sources. Coincidentally, I received an email from a lady who graduated from a coding school, and she said “You’re always going to feel like you’re not ready.” One thing that I’m learning during this process is web developers don’t know everything about web development, and even the experienced ones need help at times.

I don’t believe in beating my head against a wall without seeking some kind of help, so I went looking for answers. First, I looked into my JavaScript book and went to page 137.

JavaScript (JS) is an object-oriented programming language which means that it treats almost all items (excluding methods) as a “physical” object. (I use physical as an adjective because most of the objects in JavaScript represent physical things in the real world like people.)

For this app, I wanted to create an automated time clock for each user who comes to my site based on their location (IP address). About 3 hours in, I realized that pure JavaScript wouldn’t automate the clock because the user would have to refresh the page to get an updated time. That’s not what I wanted, so I needed to learn Jquery.

What’s Jquery?

Jquery is a JS library which lets you change elements on an html page without having to reload the page. It’s better than pure JavaScript because you can use it to make items on your webpage that need to be updated in real time (i.e., stopwatches, clocks, etc.).

I’m sticking my nose back into the JS book, and I’ll be back to hard coding tomorrow once I’ve learned how to read Jquery code.

Below are a few resources I used to help determine how I can make my time clock:

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