My thoughts on Operations Camp 004

Image: Bureau of Digital

In May of this year, I attended Operations Camp 004 in Seattle, Washington, created and executed by the wonderful team at the Bureau of Digital. I’ve been to a few Bureau of Digital events, and this was in fact my second Operations Camp (I attended the first one in Dallas in late 2014). Being somewhat of a Jack-of-all-Trades here at Dynamo, I’ve taken away myriad lessons and tricks from each of these events. As their website states, the people at Operations Camp are my people, they share my issues, my victories and my failures. …

Back in October, 2015, I wrote about Dynamo’s switch from an ad-hoc approach for project resourcing to a rigid Team structure. We divided our company into three distinct full-stack teams with the intention that any existing or upcoming project at the studio would be handled exclusively by one of the teams. I wrote about some highs, lows, and things in between that we experienced in our first 4 months within this new structure. Well, it’s been a little over a year, and since one of Dynamo’s core values is to Embrace Change, we’ve decided to change things once again.

The limits of team-based project management


Just like Baum und Pferdgarten, Bank of Internet USA and Rocawear, Dynamo was founded in 1999. We have morphed a lot since then, but one thing that remained static over the years was how we resourced projects, from a Human point of view that is.

From 1999 to 2015, we had always built our teams in an ad-hoc fashion depending on the nature of a project. In other words, when we would land a new project, we decide on 2 things: Who’s perfect for this job? Who’s available for this? The latter always winning out over the former. When our…

Corey Pomkoski

Director of Operations @dynamomtl | Craft Skier

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