How Henrik and the Hoops took the Scottish football crown.

Henrik Larsson at Celtic Park
Henrik Larsson at Celtic Park
Henrik Larsson, former Celtic player, celebrating at Celtic Park

In The Man Who Would Be King, Sean Connery and his pal Michael Caine embark upon an adventure into the tribal lands of barbarians in search of glory and worship. In 1997, Henrik Larsson arrived in Glasgow, to similar effect. Larsson, a 5'9 Swedish deity, would join a Celtic side that had previously been Scotland’s best club side but recently fell upon hard times. Their arch-rivals, Rangers, were enjoying their most successful period in club history after matching Celtic’s previous achievement of winning nine league titles consecutively and were going for a record breaking tenth. Celtic, meanwhile, were minutes away from bankruptcy before being saved by Scottish businessman, Fergus McCann, in 1994. …

Corey Anderson

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